Find out what are the symptoms and treatment of erinosis

View of erinosis on vine leaf

Image – Flickr / Ferran Turmo Gort

Plants can be affected by large numbers of insects that become pests, and microorganisms that cause many diseases. One of them is known as erinosisand it is one of the most problematic in vine crops.

Knowing her will be very practicalsince this way you will know what the symptoms are and the damage it causes, as well as, of course, its treatment in the event that your plants become ill.

What is erinosis?

Mites on the vine, causing erinosisMites on the vine, the cause of erinosis

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Oliver Colas

It is a disease caused by a mite whose scientific name is Colomer vinewhich has an elongated body about 0,2mm in length, pale yellow in color. It produces large numbers of white, oval-shaped eggs. The problem is that during the entire season in which the plant is active, that is, from spring to autumn (more or less, since it depends on the weather conditions), several generations can happen … with all that that entails and that now we will see.

What are the symptoms?

Depending on where the mite is located, the symptoms / damage it will cause are.

  • Race of false guts: it is a type of erinosis that causes the formation of galls in the upper part of the leaves, and that the inflorescences are grouped and are covered by villi.
  • Buds race: prevents some buds from sprouting, which makes them acquire a reddish-brown color.
  • Race that curves the leaves: Causes curl of the end sheets.

How is it treated?

Symptoms of erinosis on vine leavesSymptoms of erinosis on vine leaves

Image – Flickr / Ferran Turmo Gort

In principle, only the race that affects the buds is treated, since the others do not cause really serious damage. Treatment is with authorized acaricides for the crop that has been affected, following the instructions specified on the packaging to the letter.

I hope it has been useful to you .

Find out what are the symptoms and treatment of erinosis

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