Yellow watermelon: characteristics, properties and price

yellow watermelon

There is no doubt that, in greengrocers, from time to time we can find some fruits and vegetables that catch our attention because they are out of the norm. And not because they are new and we have never seen them; but because they can give a twist to those we know. That is what happens with the yellow watermelon.

Wait, Haven’t you seen a yellow watermelon? Don’t you know anything about her? Any day you will find it in the market and, whether you have seen it, or you are caught new, it is worth knowing a little about this new fruit that you can buy.

Characteristics of yellow watermelon

Characteristics of yellow watermelon

Characteristics of the yellow watermelon

Imagine the watermelons in your neighborhood greengrocer or supermarket. The vast majority of them are closed, but they always have some open on display so you can see how they can get out. But what if you happen to see a yellow watermelon on that display and a sign advertising them as such? Do they really exist?

Well the truth is that yes. These watermelons came from some seeds from Taiwan which resulted in a watermelon with its characteristic color, red, changed. On the outside, they are exactly the same watermelons as the red ones, but once you cut them you realize that their red tone has been replaced by a yellow-orange one, with seeds and all.

The yellow watermelon from Jujuy, where they are produced, in Argentina, is characterized by be genetically modified. They preserve all the nutritional value of normal watermelons, only in this case they have injected more carotenoids, that is, plant pigments (which before you ask are natural) to produce photosynthesis, hence they have that atypical yellow color. These carotenoids are very good at preventing macular degeneration of the eyes, that is, you have a source with all the benefits of watermelon plus a plus to preserve the sense of sight.

Another name it receives is that of “Melon watermelon” because it resembles the color of the melons themselves, Graceful or Melchora.

The farmers themselves, as well as the fruit growers and everyone who handles these watermelons must take special care and, in most cases, a red watermelon cannot be distinguished from a yellow one on the outside; they are totally the same. Only when you open it do you discover if it is one color or another. And considering that the yellow ones are more expensive than the red ones, it is understandable that they are careful not to lose money.

If what you wonder is what it tastes like, the truth is that not much different from red watermelon. The only difference that you notice, and always after trying it several times, is that it is sweeter than red, depending on the state of maturity it has. Thus, it is more like the sweetness of a melon (not the flavor) than watermelon (which in most cases is not sweet).

The difference between yellow watermelon and Beijing watermelon

The difference between yellow watermelon and Beijing watermelon

The difference between yellow watermelon and Beijing watermelon

Yes, you have to be careful because yellow watermelons are not the same as Peking watermelons, which are also yellow. The latter are in that hue but, unlike the others, they are crunchy (yellow watermelons have the same texture as red ones). Their weight is less, they do not weigh more than four kilos.

Furthermore, the Peking watermelon seeds are translucent and very soft, unlike the red and yellow ones, which are black and hard.

And why did they come out like this? Due to a “genetic” modification. What they did was they took pollen from a male plant of one variety, and they pollinated a female plant of another variety. Thus, this new variant arose.

Where is yellow watermelon produced?

As we have told you, the yellow watermelon from Jujuy is originally from Taiwan. A farmer, encouraged by a friend, decided to test the yellow watermelon seeds to see if they would come out and be profitable. Such was their success that, when they found out about them and the first fruits reached maturity, everyone wanted to consume them.

The producer himself decided to take his specimens to an exhibition of the food industry causing a sensation. And so the yellow watermelons were born.

But we don’t have to go to Taiwan or Argentina for yellow watermelons. We have them much closer since are grown in Salamanca. Specifically, in the areas of San Pedro de Río Seco, Vitigudino, Ciudad Rodrigo, La Alameda de Gardón or Villar de Argañan.

Therefore, it is easy to find in Spain, although not all greengrocers or supermarkets opt for it because it is a product that many consumers are still reluctant to buy, especially since its price is higher than that of red watermelon.

What are the benefits of yellow watermelon?

What are the benefits of yellow watermelon?

What benefits does yellow watermelon have?

Among the properties of yellow watermelon are all those of a red watermelon. It is very rich in vitamins A, B and C, in minerals such as magnesium, as well as carotenoids.

All of this will help you:

  • Have an antioxidant fruit.
  • Be a diuretic (against fluid retention).
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Relieve digestive problems.
  • Improve hypertension.
  • Bone growth
  • Treatment of diabetes.
  • Against cardiovascular problems.
  • Prevents degeneration of the eye macula.
  • Against sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction.

How much does a yellow watermelon cost?

And let’s talk about prices. On the one hand, we have the price of yellow watermelon seeds. Watermelon “melon” seeds are sold at a high price. 3 seeds are only available for 2,40 euros. In fact, online is how you are going to find them, since it is very difficult to find an online store that sells ready-to-eat yellow watermelons.

In supermarkets and greengrocers it is also complicated, but not impossible if the greengrocer wants. However, the price can double or even triple that of a red watermelon, which is why many do not offer it to their customers if they know they are not going to sell it.

There is no doubt that, for all the properties and if you are one of those who like sweet fruit, you will want to try it so, if you do, tell us what you think about yellow watermelon.

Yellow watermelon: characteristics, properties and price

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