Varieties of potatoes: know the most popular and rare

varieties of potatoes

One of the foods that is not usually missing in almost any house are potatoes. But, Did you know that there are different varieties of potatoes? In addition to being the fourth most consumed food (the three that are ahead are corn, wheat and rice) it is also one of the most types.

But do you know the most common? Do you know what features they have and what are their uses? Discover them below.

The most popular potato varieties

Better known, or less. Because surely in your house you don’t go beyond old, new and red potatoes. Or maybe yes? Either way, How about we talk to you about varieties of potatoes that exist in the world?

Potato Monalisa

We start with a potato that is characterized by having very little water content. Physically it is medium and has an oval shape. It is quite soft to the touch and its color is usually light.

It is ideal for frying because it hardly accumulates oil. It is also used for boiling.

Keep in mind that they are early potatoes and that is why they are used for these culinary uses.

sour potato

sour variety

sour variety

This is another one you could use for frying, especially if you like your potatoes to be crispy on the outside but soft inside. However, we do not recommend it for cooking.

Physically it is a potato that has a very thin and light skin. The pulp is yellow and they are large and oval.

Yukon Gold

Have you heard of one of the most versatile potato varieties for cooking? It can be used both for frying and cooking or for the oven.

They are potatoes that have somewhat rough skin and a darker brown color than the previous ones. In addition, they become a little more reddish. Its skin is quite thick and its size is between medium and large.

Potato Universe

This is perhaps another of the varieties that you will not have heard much either. And yet it is also ideal for frying. Some also use them for cooking, although the best use is the first.

What most characterizes this type of potato is its pulp, which is very white (usually light yellow to white). The skin is thin and light yellow.

Potato Elodie

If you usually pay attention to the variety when buying potatoes, this is one of the newest on the market, although it is not easy to find. Its size is medium and it has an oval shape (like many of the above). Both the skin and the pulp are usually yellow, and in terms of flavor it is creamy, hence it is ideal for mashed potatoes or similar.

In fact, it is one of the varieties that most absorbs the flavor of the food with which it is made, making it ideal as an accompaniment to stews.

Potato Nagore



This potato is also ideal for frying. However, its appearance can deceive you a bit. Their skin is red to begin with, but when you peel it off, the potato flesh is pale yellow.. It is quite consistent, hence it is good for frying.

Bintje potato

Do you want a potato totally different from the usual ones? So you have to know this one. It is quite large and elongated, with an oval shape. Its skin, like its pulp, is light yellow. and you can use it in the kitchen for everything (although it is best fried).

Potato Vitellotte

Within the varieties of potatoes, some resemble each other. And others not. That’s what happens with this one in particular. To begin with, you will find a medium potato but with a black skin. There is not everything. When you open it, the potato flesh is neither yellow nor white. It’s purple.

It can be used to fry but it is also quite good cooked in salads. Although perhaps the color of this throws you back a bit.

blue potato

Another of the varieties of rare potatoes that you have on the market is this one. It is native to Peru and Bolivia and, although it is rare to see it in Spain, it exists.

As the name suggests, the flesh of this potato is blue in color due to anthocyanins, that is, some antioxidant pigments that it shares with blueberries or blackberries, for example.

Blue Adirondack Potato

This potato is also strange. It has purple skin while the flesh is blue. Besides, has a sweet taste hence it is not suitable for certain stews or for frying or cooking.


Although this potato is native to Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and other countries in the area, the truth is that it is currently grown in many other parts of the world, including Europe.

It is also known by the name of spiny potato and is striking because it is pear-shaped. Also, the skin of this one is quite thick and ranges from dark green to creamy white. As for the pulp, this is clear. Of course, its name “spiny” is because some contain skin with spines.

In flavor, we will tell you that it is very similar to that of a cucumber or a zucchini.

Patata Red Pontiac

Red Pontiac

Red Pontiac

Another of the rare ones, although the truth is that not as much as the previous ones, is the Red Pontiac, characterized by having a very red skin, although later its pulp is white.

The shape of these potatoes is rounded and its texture is usually grainy. that’s why it is ideal for cooking or for making traditional dishes such as potato omelette.

Potato Check

This potato is not really a variety that existed as such, but was genetically modified. They are medium-sized potatoes with an elongated shape.

Regarding the use that can be given to it, the best is cooked or as a garnish for stews.

Potatoes Kennebec

Also known as Galician potato, this is one of the most popular in the world. They are large potatoes with a fairly strong flavor.

As for his skin, it is light and mottled, but very fine. The pulp is usually very light yellow or even plant yellow. It is one of the best to fry because it has very little water and a lot of starch.

Now that you know more varieties of potatoes, Would you dare to try some that you have never heard of or tried? What would? We read you in comments.

Varieties of potatoes: know the most popular and rare

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