How to buy a stand with wheels

And stand with wheels is an essential accessory when you need to be moving a heavy item to one side or the other almost constantly. When placing it on top of it, you will only have to exert a slight pressure to move it where you want, avoiding carrying that object. But to acquire the […]

Calathea white fusion, the most attractive variegated leaf

If you want to have a plant that looks like the most expensive ones, but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, then calatheas may be your solution. But not just anyone: we are talking about the Calathea white fusion, the variegated plant that will be the envy of everyone who passes by your […]

Square watermelon: its origin and how to grow one in your garden

Have you ever seen a square watermelon? You know how it is? And what does it cost? About three years ago they became fashionable in Japan, where more than 500 euros have been paid for one. But what does a square watermelon look like? Can be done? We explain everything below. The origin and history […]

How to get a blue orchid at home: dyeing techniques

As you know, the blue orchid sold in stores does not exist naturally. These are dyed and over time, unless it is reactivated, it will lose its blue color. But have you ever wanted to have blue orchids at home? Do you know what can be done without any problem? Although it is not the […]

How to care for a mini cactus

Imagine that you are in a store (physical or online). You’re looking at what they have and a mini cactus makes you ‘tingle’. When they are small, they are very cute because they hardly do any damage with their spines (if they have any). So you decide to buy it but… Do you know how […]

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