How to care for a mini cactus

Imagine that you are in a store (physical or online). You’re looking at what they have and a mini cactus makes you ‘tingle’. When they are small, they are very cute because they hardly do any damage with their spines (if they have any). So you decide to buy it but… Do you know how to care for a mini cactus?

You may think so, that it is a cactus and therefore care is easy, but what if we tell you that a mini cactus has needs that large cacti do not have? Below we help you to know how to keep it beautiful and healthy for a long time. And, by the way, let him grow up and get big, because he will.

location and temperature

small flowered plant

You already have your mini cactus! And it’s time to put it up. In general, they can go both outdoors and indoors. But with some peculiarities:

If you are going to put it outdoors, try to choose a semi-shade area. Yes, we know that they are cacti and that they tolerate direct sunlight. But we are talking about a mini cactus and it may not be so used to, nor be tolerant of, spending hours and hours in direct sunlight. Of course, it does not mean that he never gives it. If you give him four hours a day (morning or afternoon) he will be very happy.

If you are going to put it indoors, make sure it is near a window. The best locations are said to be the south and east. through her it should get as much light as possible and, if possible, also a few hours of direct sunlight.

Also, keep one thing in mind: it needs you to move it from time to time. Specifically, that you rotate it so that it gets the sun on all parts of its “body” since, if not, it may start to grow unevenly and it will no longer be so pretty.

As for the temperature, in general they can be between 18 and 32 degrees without any problem, even more when they are already adapted to the climate. But in winter, it is normal for them to be between 7 and 13ºC.

pot and substrate

When you buy a mini cactus, or in general any plant, They usually come with plastic pots, called “propagation”. But, in reality, these are not the most appropriate (and sometimes the substrate either).

So, one of the first things you should do, always after 10-15 days of buying it, is to change it to another.

Since we talk about mini cacti, with a pot of 10 centimeters in diameter you should have enough. This can be made of clay, cement, metal or yes, plastic.

Of course, make sure it has drainage holes, so that the water can come out well from below.

Regarding the land, there are specific substrates for cacti and succulents, but you can also use a mixture between black sand and perlite, or universal substrate and perlite. Both are adequate and usually adapt well to the needs of the cactus.

Another option could be to use Lechuza pon, which is very fashionable now and can also work for these plants.


A miniature cactus

We recommend that, after a transplant, wait at least a week or two before watering. And in the event that you have bought it, wait at least 3-5 days to do so, so you will not cause too much of a shock. And don’t worry, nothing will happen to it if you don’t water it, It tolerates drought very well.

Now, you should know that when it comes to caring for a mini cactus, irrigation is one of the differential factors compared to other cacti. And it is because it needs less water than others.

In general, you will have to water them once a week, or even every two weeks almost. It all depends on the variety, since there are others that with only two times per season is more than enough. So it’s better little and scarce, than to pass you by and let it rot.


Subscriber in cacti is not something highly recommended. Less in the mini cacti because you could burn it. Consider the size of the plant and what the manufacturer tells you. And of the latter you will have to reduce by half or even a third.

If you don’t want to pay, nothing happens. But if you do, use it only every 2-3 months and only from spring to fall.


mini desert plant

Mini cacti are generally not pruned. It would only be done if they had dead leaves (you know that there are many types). But it is not normal. What can be removed from them are new plants.

Plagues and diseases

Cacti are usually very resistant to pests and diseases. However, in the case of mini cactus, you must be especially careful with diseases, because many of them are caused by poor watering or poor lighting. As advice, we suggest the following:

If you see that your mini cactus is bleaching (losing its color), take it to a darker place, the sun is not good for it.

If you see him losing weight, to a more enlightened one.

In case there are insects, spider mites, mealybugs… treat it with a homemade insecticide (non-abrasive) or with a home remedy. You will also have to wash it with some 70º alcoholalthough this one, if it has thorns, will be more complicated (in these cases use ear swabs dipped in alcohol).


When they are mini cacti you should not worry so much about the propagation as that they grow healthy. However, it may be the case that, even when small, it takes off pups. These will be tiny and we recommend that you leave them for a while in the same pot until they look bigger to separate them and succeed in reproducing them.

Another way to have more is with the seeds that you will get when they flower. We know that this will take time, but it is worth trying the experience, even if only once, to see how they grow little by little.

Do you dare now to take care of a mini cactus? Is there a trick that works very well for you with these plants? We read you.

How to care for a mini cactus

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