Guide to buying an automatic pool cleaner

One of the disadvantages of having a pool is that, at least once a week, you have to clean the bottom of it so that the water stays clean and dirt does not accumulate. But what if a single device did it? How about investing in an automatic pool cleaner?

If you are looking for one but you have seen that the prices are expensive and you do not know if you are going to choose a good one or not, how about taking a look at the guide that we have prepared for you? This way you will know which factors are most important when choosing one and where to buy it.

Best automatic pool cleaners

Best brands of automatic pool cleaners

Here we leave you a selection of brands in which you can find automatic pool cleaners. Of course, there are many more but these offer good value for money.


We start with a well-known brand in terms of products for the garden and pool. In fact, in its catalog it has swimming pools, floats, accessories and, of course, also automatic pool cleaners.

They work autonomouslymoving around the pool to clean the bottom, or even the walls.


Another well-known brand when it comes to buying pool products is Intex. It has been on the market for a long time and that is why many trust it to buy their products.

It has several models and the best thing is that the quality – price is right with what many opt for it.


Last but not least. In this case, in its catalog we can find products for the pool and garden, among which we have pool cleaners.

According to the opinions, they are of high quality and very effective in the task of keeping the pool clean.

Buying guide for an automatic pool cleaner

When buying an automatic pool cleaner, for the price they have, the first thing you look at is what it will cost us. AND that causes us to miss out on features that are more necessary or important.

So that it doesn’t happen to you, and above all you have a bad experience with one of them, what if you pay attention to the following factors?

Type of pool cleaner

Did you know that there are several types of automatic pool cleaners? Well yes, basically three:

  • Suction.
  • Depression.
  • Electric/robotic.

Each of them will have its pros and cons and we recommend that you read about each one to find out exactly which one best suits what you are looking for.

Pool size and type

The pool is the element that the pool cleaner will clean. If you buy one that is too small it will take a long time to clean, and it may not clean as efficiently as if you buy one that is the right size.

In addition, you must bear in mind that, if it has irregular shapes, a pool cleaner that does not adapt will leave unclean areas.


In this aspect we refer to all the options offered by the pool cleaner: Rotating brushes, filters, cleaning program, mobile control…

All this will increase the price, but if it is what you need, the investment can make the device last for years.


Another aspect to consider is the material with which the pool cleaner is made. The more resistant materials, the longer the device will last.

Of course, we understand that you will need to maintain it, in addition to taking care of it, so that it does not deteriorate easily. But you will have more chances that it will not happen if it is well manufactured than if it has parts that break in the short and medium term.

Energy efficiency

Finally, if you want to take care of the environment and also not spend too much for the use of the automatic pool cleaner, it is best to look for models that have a high energy efficiency certification rating.


As we told you before, an automatic pool cleaner is not a cheap product. In reality it supposes an investment and as such all of the above must be taken into account.

Now, from 200 euros you can already find some models. They will be basic (except for special offers), but depending on your needs, it could be the right one. As for higher prices, there are for more than a thousand euros.

Where to buy?

Where to buy cleaner Source_Amazon

You already have the keys to choose a good automatic pool cleaner, so the purchase you make will be the right one. But the next step in which you may have doubts is where to buy it.

Well then, we’ve taken a look at the top most searched stores on the internet and we wanted to look at ourselves. This is what we think of each store.


It is where there is the greatest variety, not only of models, but also of brands, some more unknown than others. But if you like the model and what it offers you, You can search for opinions about it to see if it is good or not.

Regarding the price, keep in mind that there is something for all budgets. Many are at a similar price to other stores, but it doesn’t hurt to compare when you are clear about which models you like.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you have a specific section for pool cleaners and, within this, one for electric pool cleaner robots. Of course, it does not have too many products but it does have the best-known main brands and at affordable prices, many even with offers.


Bricodepot also has a specific section for pool cleaners. However, here only 7 of the results that appear on the page would comply with automatic pool cleaners, since the rest are manual.

In addition, the price we see is much higher than in other stores.

The English Court

Finally, we have El Corte Inglés where you will find more variety, but the prices are much higher and you may find them, the same modelscheaper in other stores.

What are you waiting for to buy an automatic pool cleaner?

Guide to buying an automatic pool cleaner

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