How To Buy A Gas Stove Griddle

When summer arrives, it is common to want to eat in the garden, prepare fun parties and, above all, cook outside. To do this, you need a barbecue, a gas stove or something similar.

Focusing on this second example, gas cooktops, Do you know what you should look for to buy one? And what are the best right now on the market? Do not worry, we take care of giving you an answer to everything.

Top 1. The best gas cooktop griddle


  • 6300W power.
  • Stainless steel and removable plate.
  • 2 heating zones.


  • It’s hard to clean it.
  • The waste tank is small.
  • They warn that the plate is chrome and not stainless steel.

Selection of gas cooktops

Sometimes the first choice is not the best and it is necessary to consider other options. Therefore, here we give them to you.

Campingaz Plancha L – Gas Plancha with two aluminized steel burners

It has two aluminized steel burners. Has a 7500W power and easy cleaning with a bucket collect grease.

Happy Garden Gas Plancha Valencia – 4 burners 10kW

This plate is 81 x 47 x 24 centimeters, with four different burners. It is made of stainless steel and insulating.

H.Koenig PLX820 Gas Plancha, 2 Burners, Stainless Steel

It has a cooking surface of 47 x 36 cm, with a 5000W power. In total, it has two stainless steel burners and a dishwasher-safe collection tray.

FireFriend BQ-6395 Gas Grill, Three Burners, Stainless Steel

This gas cooktop offers three burners and one enameled cast iron grill. It has a lot of space to prepare the kitchen.

As for the burners, they have a capacity of 7,2 kW. Its power is 7200W.

H.Koenig PLX830 Gas Plancha

Made of stainless steel, it consists of 3 burners with a cooking surface of 63,5 x 36 cm. The temperature adjusts up to 350ºC and can be used with both propane or butane gas. The power is 7500W.

Buying guide for a gas cooktop

It must be recognized that Gas cooking griddles are not as well known as barbecues can be. In fact, most choose this option. But they are healthier in the sense that they can cook with less oil and fat, making the food not so greasy or making all kinds of food, from fish to meat without fear of being burned by the embers.

But to achieve this it is necessary to hit the purchase. And in this case, the factors to take into account are the following:


We start with the size because this will be according to what you need to cook. If there are many members of your family, a small griddle will mean that you have to eat in shifts, since you cannot put all the food at once due to lack of space.

Therefore, when buying it, we recommend that you take a good look at this. In this sense, we could tell you that the bigger the better, but without wasting heat for it.


As for the material, most of them are made of stainless steel since they must provide security to manipulate them. And this material is quite resistant.


The power is related to how quickly or slowly when cooking food. In other words, it is the speed at which the food is going to be made. Therefore, it must be taken into account.

In general, if the gas griddle is going to be used mainly for meat, then you have to go to a high power. On the contrary, if it is for vegetables and/or fish, bet on a smaller one.

The power will depend above all on the size of the iron but, to give you an idea, if you have a 12-15mm, it is best to have a power of 4500W.


Finally, a decisive factor is going to be the price. And of course we tell you that they are not cheap. To find some, the figure of your budget must be 100 euros or more, and it is that the good ones will easily exceed 200-250 euros. Of course, you can always find some offers that are striking.

Where to buy?

How to buy a gas cooktop

You already have the keys, you have seen examples of gas cooktops and you know what to focus on when making a purchase. Now we just have to think about where you could make that purchase. Shall we give you some sites?


We start with Amazon because it’s maybe the first place you’re going to look. However, you should know that When searching for gas cooktops, the results are mixed with many other products. as barbecues or accessories. So, although it seems that it has many articles, the truth is that it is not like that, it has few models to choose from.


Something similar happens to Carrefour, where the search It not only gives you gas griddles, but also barbecues, accessories, etc. So, if we go to the specifics, you will not have so many options to choose from.

In addition, most (if not all) are sold by third-party sellers, so sometimes it is better to check on those sites in case it is cheaper.


Lidl does have a gas iron, but be careful, because it is only a model and they are also temporary items which, unless it can be found in the online store, is only available a few days a year.


At Ikea, at least online, we cannot find gas cooking griddles. That does not mean that physically in their stores they do not have them. The only inconvenience is that you will have to travel to find out if it is so or not (or call and ask).

Second hand

Finally, if your budget is very tight and you cannot afford a new gas iron, you could consider second-hand ones. They are not a bad choice and as long as you buy with your head you can get it right.

Yes, before buying it you have to make sure that it is good, that it has good power, there are no errors, etc. Therefore, always require a guarantee.

Now it’s your turn to take the step and think about your gas kitchen griddle to get it right according to your needs. Do you already know the minimum you should have?

How To Buy A Gas Stove Griddle

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