The best plants that attract money and good luck

Believe it or not, there are many people who surround themselves with specific plants because they consider them to be positive, not because they allow you to create a ‘green’ environment at home, but because They are plants that attract money and good luck.

It is even possible that, without realizing it, you yourself have one that, according to Feng Shui, attracts good luck and money. Do you want to know which ones have the most properties of this type? Well take a look.



We start with the basil. In fact, in summer it is one of the most purchased plants to fight against mosquitoes. But, without knowing it, you will also be trying to attract that good luck and, of course, money to your home.

It is widely used in rituals of abundance, and as a barrier to absorb bad luck and throw it out of the house.

Of course, when taking care of it you must take into account that it needs constant humidity and good lighting. So when placing it, look for a window or similar where it receives as much sunlight as possible. And don’t worry if you see it start to die, it’s an annual plant, which means it won’t last long.

jade plant

Also known as the money plant, it is one of the ones that will attract your attention the most. And it is not for less, if we take into account that it is a succulent that will look like a tree.

Originally from Mozambique, This plant needs a lot of sunlight and frequent watering so that the leaves remain swollen and hydrated.. In fact, if you start to see that the plant has wrinkled leaves, it is because it lacks water, nutrients and surely some light.

swedish ivy

This plant, Plectranthus verticillatus, is also known as the money plant. It is said of her that, if you are able to take care of her as you should, the plant, in return, will attract good luck and money. So it doesn’t hurt to know her care.

Among them, hanging it (because it is hanging) in a very bright place with a constant warm temperature. Irrigation must be moderate (in summer sometimes daily).

lucky bamboo

Surely you have bought it more than once. And, either it has died, or you still have it. The fact is that, in China, it is a symbol of good luck that is always given to those who open a business or move to a new house. Yes indeedthere must always be three stems, one for happiness, another for health and the third for longevity.

As for care, the truth is that it is a fairly resistant plant and that it will withstand everything that is thrown at it. If you want it to survive, keep it in a place with good lighting and a temperature no higher than 24ºC.

aquatic pachira

We continue with another indoor plant, this time a little more delicate than the previous ones. The Pachira is a plant that attracts good luck and, according to Feng Shuiestablishes a balance with the essential elements, that is, with fire, water, metal, earth and wood.

About care, you should put it in a place where it gets a lot of sunlight but indirect (if it gets full it can die), as well as a minimum temperature of 15ºC and spaced watering so that the roots and trunk do not rot.

Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides

One of the plants that has become most known on social networks is this. Many describe it as a coin plant, but in reality It is one of the most important to attract money and prosperity.

It is told that it is the Chinese money plant, and it is not for less (money-currency) because of the coin-shaped leaves it throws out (and we already tell you that it is abundant).

However, It is not easy to take care of because it requires specific conditions: a lot of indirect light, a warm temperature and regular watering. but without passing


But not just any, but the male fern, Dryopteris filix-mas. This is, according to Feng Shui, the plant that it can attract good luck, drive bad vibes out of the house and also improve your self-esteem.

However, it is not for every house since, as the fern that it is, we are talking about a plant that requires a large amount of environmental humidity to stay healthy. In addition, it requires indirect light (as much as possible) and frequent watering but without flooding it.


Another of the plants that attract money and good luck, in this all-terrain case, that you can have at home is this. In fact, generally it will attract good luck; but if you place it in the hall, in addition to good luck, and to cast out bad energy, it will also attract money.

It is a plant that adapts to everything: light, shade, semi-shade… The risks are rather low, because it can do with little water, so unless you have a lot of humidity and it rots, you won’t have a problem with it.


If you cannot have many plants in your house due to the climate and temperature, then you could try the Crassula, a very beautiful succulent that is part of the plants that attract money and good luck.

In fact, the function it has is to attract fortune, so it is recommended that it always be to the right of the entrance to the house. And also, facing north.

Regarding care, you shouldn’t worry too much because it only needs a lot of sun and watering from time to time.



Also known as the Peace Lily, this flowering houseplant can be perfect for bringing good fortune into your home. And it is that It is one of the plants that attract money and good luck by absorbing bad energy, as well as other contaminants in the environment, and purifying it.

Its care is very simple: some indirect light and water more or less once a week. Nothing else!

As you see, there are many plants that attract money and good luck. Do you have any more that we have not mentioned?

The best plants that attract money and good luck

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