All the uses of the incense plant that you can give it

Do you know the incense plant? We are talking about Plectranthus madagascariensis or Plectranthus “coleoides” Marginatus, one of the plants that, if you like the smell of incense, you will love having at home. But, did you know that apart from being decorative, there are other uses for the incense plant?

We want to talk to you about these uses and the ways in which you can use it in your day to day. Keep reading this information to see that some plants have much more use than mere decoration.

What you should know about the incense plant


Before explaining the uses of the incense plant, it is convenient that you have a base about incense, especially so that you know its main characteristics.

The incense plant is native to Africa, Australia and India. Visually you will have a small herbaceous plant that does not usually grow much, at least in height, because you could expect growth in width. As for the leaves, they are much more striking. They are green, with an irregular shape and with the edge of these white or cream. In fact, it is what gives it greater visibility.

It is these leaves that emit a very pleasant fragrance for those who like incense, although we already tell you not to expect a strong smellbecause it won’t be like that. Only when it burns can you get that fragrance.

Finally, you should know that one thing is the incense plant, which is what we are talking about, and another is Boswellia, which is actually a plant from which resin is obtained with which incense is produced. They are two different plants.

Uses of the incense plant


Now that you have a better idea about the incense plant, you may already have it in your collection. EITHER maybe you were thinking of buying it and you did not know that it can have many more uses than one imagines.

Be that as it may, we will talk about all of them below.

mosquito repellent

Did you know that the incense plant can be very effective so that mosquitoes do not approach you. What you have to do is place it on doors and windows since, when the mosquitoes arrive and smell, they will turn around.

You can also do one thing. Forks take some sticks of incense and put them in a jar. You add a little water and alcohol and let it macerate for a few days. That water and alcohol will have obtained part of the essence of those incense leaves and you could apply it to your skin. If the alcohol is too strong for you, use just water or oil (although in this case it will be more oily).


Do you remember what we told you about how you can burn it and get a much stronger smell of incense? Well, you know that this is also used in aromatherapy.

In fact, among the effects that you can get from it is to relax and calm your nerves, which is why many use it after a hard day at work.

Even in physiotherapy offices some can use it to relax patients and to be able to carry out the treatments with less resistance and muscular tensions.

So you could use it on a daily basis to relax and be able to disconnect a bit from your problems. Some even recommend it to treat depression, anxiety and crisis problems.


Another of the uses of the incense plant is undoubtedly medicinal. Both in its native areas and in many other places, the incense plant is used to treat many different ailments. For example, To name a few, we would have liver diseases, bronchitis, colds and flu, to purify the blood…

It is also useful for skin care and with bites, as well as menstrual pain or mastitis and wounds and burns in general.

In some cases it is recommended as an alternative (and joint) treatment for epilepsy as well as to improve the immune system.

Even It can help you fall asleep much better.

That is why sometimes, especially in herbalists, we can find products that contain this ingredient (or that are made exclusively of it).

culinary use

leaf details

We continue talking about its uses, because, as you can see, it has quite a few. In this case we talk about food. And it is that You can chew it and relieve toothaches with itor strengthen the gums and tooth enamel.

It is also used to treat bad breath. That is why it is usually sold in the form of chewing gum.


In another activity where incense can be present is at an esoteric level, in spells and rituals that can be carried out.

Incense is said to bring good luck. so there are times when burning it around the house so that it is impregnated with the smell helps you attract good vibes and keep the bad ones away from your home.


This is something that you may not know, but in addition to offering a characteristic fragrance, another of the uses of the incense plant is to clean the air. What it does is aromatize the environment, Yes, but also, thanks to its antiseptic capacity, it makes the air you breathe healthier.


Finally, there is no doubt that one of the uses of the incense plant is decorative. When the plant is very well cared for it is very leafy, with long branches, with leaves and all that will attract the eyes to it.

If we add to that the fact that it has a very pleasant aroma, of incense, and that you may like it, especially when you touch or touch it, you will like its smell.

In fact, if it’s too big and you have to prune it and you don’t want any more incense plants (because it multiplies like this) or you don’t have anyone to give it to, you could burn it and thus obtain a much stronger smell of incense.

Did you know these uses of the incense plant? Do you know of any more that have escaped us? We read you!

All the uses of the incense plant that you can give it

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