The best climbing plants that do not make a mess

Looking for climbing plants that do not make a mess? Although this is almost impossible, because all plants, to a greater or lesser extent, dirty, it is true that there are some that will not give you so much work, or stain so much.

In fact, we have made a selection of some of them so that you can opt for plants that offer you a beautiful vision, and incidentally that do not make you have to be sweeping every two by three. Shall we start?



The potho, or poto, is one of the climbing plants that does not make a mess. It is a plant that you can have as a climber. You’ll see, although it’s a pendant, it can also be placed with a stake. And at the same time, you could put it, with some guides, so that it could climb, for example on the walls of the house. You would only have to watch that the branches go where you want.

Regarding its care, it is one of the easiest to care for, since it will only need a well-drained soil (loose and nutritious), moderate watering, some fertilizer in spring and summer, and light (indirect).

climbing rose

Another option that answers the question of climbing plants that do not dirty is this. Actually, it is not that it does not get dirty, because as we tell you, it will, when the roses wither and the leaves have fallen. But this will be something that you can control, in general it will not stain you or throw little balls or anything like that.

Climbing roses can be found in many types: with large flowers, small ones, with fragrant flowers, or without. There are even rose bushes that can bloom several times a year.

Regarding care, they will not give you problems beyond the fact that they need a lot of light, even direct sun.

false jasmine

We are talking about Trachelospernum jasminoide and we recommend this because it is one of the most resistant to frost (temperatures down to -14ºC). He will need you to give him a support so that he can hold on to it and grow. In return it will bloom you with some pretty flowers.

Of course, it needs a lot of indirect light, as well as moderate watering and fertilization in spring and summer, which is its flowering time. And, of course, being abroad.



Another plant that you are going to have all year round and that does not get very dirty is this. Actually, you can find up to 10 different speciesso you will have a choice, since all of them are perennial.

You won’t have to worry about their grip either because they are capable of generating aerial roots that allow them to cling to walls and thus climb. Even so, when she’s little she can’t hurt a little help.

In fact, if what you want is a climbing ivy, when choosing it, we recommend that you choose one with large leaves; those with small leaves will take a long time to “grow up” and become large enough to be considered adequate.

As for care, you can put it in the shade or in the sun and it will stay green all year long. In addition, it does not usually drop many leaves (if it does, there is a problem) beyond those that are part of its natural cycle.

creeping spindle

This is the usual name by which Euonymus fortunei is known, a creeping plant but which, in reality, can also be had as a climbing plant.

Visually, The leaves of this plant will call your attention, as well as the flowering that it has, very reddish. But be careful, because of all the ones that we have given you, this may be the one that dirties the most, especially at the end of flowering.

Night Lady

The lady at night is another one that we can fit into the plants that do not dirty. It is a shrub, yes, but when it is already big it can perfectly act, like the previous one, as a climber.

Evergreen, this plant will give you a few flowers that you will only see open at night, but with a fragrance that will drive you crazy. It doesn’t need great things, just a little light, a good soil (although it adapts as it grows), some fertilizer and regular watering, especially in spring and summer.

Ficus line up

Also known as ficus repens, it is one of the alternatives to climbing plants that do not dirty. In this case, the most characteristic of this plant are the tiny leaves that it throws at you.

As for care, it will need a lot of water (it does not tolerate drought, in fact it could die if you subject it to water stress), and be in semi-shade (although the sun would be ideal).

Passion flower

Another option, a little dirtier than the previous ones, is this. It is a plant that remains perennial as long as it is in a temperate or warm climate, if it is cold it will drop its leaves until the following spring.

It is known as Passion Flower and you have several different species, with white flowers or with different shades. You could even opt for the one that bears passion fruit.

Regarding care, it must be watered abundantly, direct or indirect natural lighting (but at least 8-10 hours) and a fertile and loose substrate.

Plectranthus australis

You may not know it by that name, but you do know it as the money plant. It is one of the climbing plants that you could have at home and that will not make you too dirty. In fact, if you maintain the care it needs, it will be perfect all year round.

Regarding care, water often, plenty of light (except in summer, when it will be better to put it in semi-shade).



Finally, we leave you the Honeysuckle, a plant that can be kept perennial and that will bloom in spring and summer with very aromatic white, pink or red flowers.

You can have it in the sun without a problem (in semi-shade if it’s very hot) and water moderately.

Do you know more climbing plants that do not dirty? If so, leave them in comments so that others can know what type of plants they can choose that does not make them have to always be aware of sweeping and that the plant is fine.

The best climbing plants that do not make a mess

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