The best aphid insecticides for your plants

When you have plants, summer becomes an ideal time because it is when they are most active and they can be seen growing, blooming… But it also becomes a problem due to pests: mealybugs, aphids, spiders… Of all of them, aphids are perhaps the ones that most affect all plants. How about having aphid insecticides that really work on hand?

If you are already preparing to buy the products that you are going to need to maintain the health of your plants, pay attention to what we have to tell you about it.

Best insecticides for aphids

Best brands of insecticides for aphids

Here we leave you some of the brands of insecticides for aphids that you can find on the market and that have stood out for offering good quality-price in their products.


Compo is one of the longest-running brands in terms of products to protect the garden. It began in 1956 by marketing the first potting soil and little by little it has been increasing its catalog of products. Now you can not only find substrates, but also fertilizers, protection products, etc.


Flower has been in the sector for more than 60 years offering individual and collective well-being through plant care. For this, they are manufacturers of products for all types of crops, always taking maximum care of their quality.

The first product they marketed, in 1957, were pills to improve the growth of plants and flowers. And today they have many products for the garden, orchard and home.


Neudorff is one of the companies that has been around the longest, having started in 1854 as a family business. Since that time, Its mission was to manufacture phytosanitary and animal care products. However, now it has been developing products for plants, among which you can find fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, antilimacos…

Buying guide for insecticides for aphids

When buying insecticides for aphids, you know that there are many brands, formats, and many opinions on the market. Some for and some against. Which is a problem when you don’t know for sure which would be the best option among all.

Hence, many times, you think of price as a decisive factor. An expensive one will be good, a cheap one not so much. But is it really so? The truth is that no. And beyond the price, here are some factors to control in this purchase.

Application mode

Although most insecticides for aphids come in the form of a spray and you only have to open it to start using it; There are other insecticide systems, such as liquid concentrates, granules, powder…

Each one has its form of action, and knowing it will help you apply it properly.


It is not the same to buy a 200ml bottle than one of 2Kg. Apart from the fact that the price changes, so does the amount of product that you are going to have to combat the plague.

action spectrum

You may not know it, but there are many types of aphids. When you have located the one that is putting the plant in trouble, buying a suitable insecticide is important, but when you don’t know, it is more important to have a broad-spectrum one (that attacks various pests) rather than try a specific one that may not work.


Normally we tend to think that an insecticide is one that is sprayed and that the plague (the bug) smells and dies. But actually there are many types: those that act by contact or those that the plant itself absorbs so that, when the pest feeds on it, it carries the poison inside.

Depending on the type of aphid you have, one or the other will be more convenient.


We are talking about a chemical product (although it could also be ecological). But toxic. Therefore, reading the instructions and following them to maintain safety is essential.

When the product does not have these instructions, it leaves you a bit defenseless since, if something happens, you will not know what to do.


Sometimes, when you have not bought any insecticide for aphids and you do not know if you are going to hit the right one or not with the one that seemed best to you, it is convenient to review the opinions of other buyers. This can give you an idea of ​​what to expect from this product and if it is actually good or not.

Reviews about products are often left in stores; while on the Internet you could also find some.


Finally, we have the price. And the truth is that, in general, we are not talking about a very expensive product. You can find insecticides for aphids from 3 euros. Now, everything will depend on the above as well as the brand that is (the more recognized brand that works, the more expensive it will be).

Where to buy?

aphids on plant

We reached the end. You already know what to look for in an insecticide for aphids. But there are many stores, and you can get overwhelmed not knowing where to buy the best. That’s why, we’ve taken a look at a few that are widely searched on the internet to save you a bit. Do you want to know what you will find in them?


Amazon is where you will find the greatest variety of products against pests, both specific to aphids and more general. The good thing is that they have opinions to help you see if it is the right one for you.

As for the prices, the truth is that they are in line with those found in other stores.


Unfortunately, and at least online, we have not been able to find any article related to this product. It does not mean that there is not, but it is most likely that, if there is, They will be available in physical stores.

leroy merlin

There are many specialized insecticides for aphids, but at Leroy Merlin you will only be able to enjoy two products. Although the price difference between them may call your attention, keep in mind that one is only 100ml while the other is half a liter.


The nurseries themselves can sell insecticides and other products to treat pests and diseases, something that, being related to the climate and the area where you live, could be more effective than one that you buy online.

Now it’s up to you the final decision. What insecticides for aphids have you tried and recommend?

The best aphid insecticides for your plants

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