Ideas to have indoor wall gardens

It is increasingly fashionable to have indoor wall gardens. SHowever, a priori it may seem complex to you, or you may think that you have to do many things to enjoy one. But really it’s not so.

For this reason, below we are going to give you several ideas for indoor wall gardens that you can apply in your home, be it in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom. Do you want to know how to do it?

Shelves as gardens


One of the first options is also one of the easiest to create. And also with things that you can have at home, or that you can get cheaply. It is about transforming a shelf into a vertical garden.

And how would it be done? Well, to begin with, you must choose the shelf, if it is going to be hung, if it is from floor to ceiling… Once you have it, the next thing is the pots or planters. In fact, we recommend that last option, and if possible the same size as the shelf. This way you can put a planter on each shelf.

Now all you have to do is get the plants. And here, to prevent it from looking like a shelf, we suggest that you opt for hanging plants or similar in such a way that, when they grow, they hide the structure.

As advice, could you put the planters tilted to the front, to make it look more beautiful. This is easily achieved by placing a small step on the back of the shelf that allows it to be tilted without the risk of it falling.

Recycling windows or stairs

If you have the doors of a window, a wooden staircase or something similar, you can use this to create indoor wall gardens at home. First you will have to paint it so that it matches the decoration of your home, or at least the room where you are going to put it.

Right after, choose the pots that will be part of your vertical garden. If it is a ladder you can benefit from the steps to place them. If it is a door or window door, you will have to hang them with hooks or the like.

vertical garden in bag

flower pots in bag on wall Source_AliExpress

In the market you can find one of the most economical ideas for wall gardens for interiors and at the same time quick to install. These are vertical gardens made of fabric, as if they were a large bag full of pockets so that, in each one, you can plant a plant.

You shouldn’t worry about watering, because the fabric is prepared to withstand moisture and not fall on the ground. But this can be very useful, for example, with plants that do not grow much, such as medicinal plants or those that you can have in the kitchen and use when preparing a dish.

Vertical garden of work

Another of the ideas for indoor wall gardens that will be very curious is to choose square flower pots of different sizes. Take the biggest ones and put them at the base of the floor (or wherever you want to put them on the wall), in a row. Stick them if they are going to be suspended in the air. Then put other medium ones, but centering in such a way that, as you go up and putting smaller pots, you make the silhouette of a triangle. Actually, it can be a triangle, a square, a rectangle… Whatever you can think of.

You will have a part of the wall made a garden with various plants.

Of course, if you are concerned about watering, you can always choose that these pots are not the final ones for the plants, but that they have their plastic pot. This helps you to water taking them out of there, but also, when you get tired of seeing the same plants in the same order, you can change them or it is easier to transplant them if they grow a lot or if one dies.

garden structures

We continue with the ideas of wall gardens for interiors and, in case you have to do work, one option that you can consider is to create garden structures. That is to say, allocate one of the walls as a garden and adapt it as such, with soil and plants, as well as a layer of grass (natural or artificial) that helps maintain moisture in the soil for plants to survive.

It is one of the most complex and expensive, but it can be very attractive, although it also requires more maintenance.

garden pictures

As you know, paintings usually have some volume, although they look less and less like that. But if you can get a wide frame you could adapt it to put a layer of soil on it. In order to make it thicker, you can put a glass in front of the frame, and a wooden board behind, so that it does not come out. This will allow you to fill it with more soil.

Now, you will only have to plant the plants (they are better combined, for example some succulents and a hanging plant) and finally hang the “living” painting.

with lattices

The lattices, whether made of iron, wood, etc. they can decorate a room in itself. But if you also include a plant or two, and you see how, over time, it goes up the lattice, it will make your eyes happy. In fact, After a few months or years you will have a complete vertical garden that covers the entire wall.

With jars or bottles

plants with jars

If you like to recycle, and you can also give it a personalized touch and in accordance with the decoration you have in the room, you could create wall gardens with jars or bottles, hanging them on a hook or directly on the wall.

vertical water gardens

Finally, why not make indoor wall gardens that are out of the ordinary? As you know, there are some plants that are aquatic, that is, made of water. Well, you could hang a fish tank or similar place aquatic plants in it.

However, this idea is also good for taking plant cuttings that you root in water. This way they will be ordered but they will also give you a very original interior garden.

As you can see, there are many ideas for indoor wall gardens. Whether it’s recycling, giving a second chance to others, or buying structures, this will brighten up and bring more life to that room. Do you dare to have one?

Ideas to have indoor wall gardens

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