These are the most profitable crops you could grow

Perhaps you have a small piece of land that you would like to cultivate. Or perhaps you dedicate yourself to agriculture, or you are going to start, and You want to know which are the most profitable crops to get the most out of your work.

Be that as it may, with data from 2022 and 2023, and so on annually, you could find out which are those crops that offer you the most advantages. Do you want to meet them? Those collected below.

More profitable crops, how are they measured?


Have you ever wondered why some plants are considered more profitable crops and others are not? Actually, it has to do with the profit they generate.

You see, a crop is profitable if the cost you dedicate to this plant, since you plant it (worth the redundancy), until you harvest it, is less than the benefits and profitability you get from it.

Within these expenses, it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of the plants, but also the cost of water, human time, products such as fertilizers, fertilizers and phytosanitary products… And also take into account a provision for what may happen (rain, fire, pests…).

For this there is a formula, the so-called ROA whose formula is as follows:

ROA= (profit / asset)*100

If the value is positive, it means that the investment has been adequate and that what you have planted is one of the most profitable crops you could choose. But if it is negative, then you have a problem, because you will be losing money.

What are the most profitable crops?


As we have told you before, we are going to give you data based on those of 2022 and the prospecting that has been done for 2023. Based on these, the most profitable crops would be the following:

Olive tree

If you have a more or less large plantation, planting olive trees may be one of the best options, especially since Spain is the main producer and exporter. AND It does not matter if they are table olives (the kind that are eaten) or to prepare olive oil (keep in mind that this is usually expensive). In total, 1,270,000 tons of olives are produced annually in the country, Andalusia being where there is the greatest production.

Based on this, there is no doubt that olive trees can be a good option, especially if you apply the super-intensive system, which increases production.


You wouldn’t have thought of that, would you? However, for some time now there has been a great demand for this fruit, and therefore it is one of the most profitable crops in Spain (it was in 2022 and it will be in 2023).

Besides, There isn’t as much competition either, especially since we don’t have as much demand (although this is already being seen to be changing). Keep in mind that right now Spain is the third country in terms of production, and the second in terms of exports.


And we are left with nuts, because another of the most profitable crops that you could consider is pistachios, which has been in increasing demand in recent years.

Of course, unlike the other crops, this one is something more “special” and needs adequate conditions to be able to grow it and not die along the way. That is why, for now, only California and Iran are the largest producers and distributors.. But if you can give it those conditions, know that it has a fairly high price per kilo (only half a hectare and 1,000 kilos of pistachios can provide you with around 6,000 euros).


We end up with the most profitable crops with avocado. Since many doctors, celebrities, influencers, came out saying that the avocado was great for health, the demand for it has increased. AND just look at how much it costs in greengrocers and supermarkets to know that it can be very profitable to grow it.

Of course, like the pistachio, it needs a special climate and precise conditions to develop. But if you can give them to them, you could get a lot of benefits from them.

And if I have little land?

Corn sowing

It may be the case that you do not have a large piece of land and that many of the most profitable crops that we have proposed are not really the best option for you. Or maybe what you have is a large garden and you have chosen to plant something and thus save on the shopping cart. Be that as it may, there are also crops that can be very profitable.

Which is it? We detail them for you.

leafy vegetables

We are talking, for example, about lettuce, chard, spinach… They are crops that do not take up too much space, even being able to be planted in pots or in plantersand grow in very small spaces (even on balconies and terraces).

In turn, they can be used to cook them and to enjoy more natural and healthy foods (and incidentally you avoid having to buy them with the high prices they have).

fruit trees

Fruit trees such as orange, lemon, plum, apple… are another option. In fact, in the market you will find small fruit trees, ideal for smaller gardens.which will develop in a very adequate way (as long as you meet their needs) and you will get them to give you fruits so you don’t have to buy in stores.

In addition, in the case of lemon trees, they will give you the whole year, and we already tell you that they are much better than the ones you buy in greengrocers.

Aromatic and medicinal plants

In the first case, with the aromatic ones, you can plant parsley, thyme, rosemary, mint… and always have them next to the kitchen so that, when you need it, take it from the plant itself and use it for cooking. You will notice the difference when you try it.

Regarding medicinal plants, you can grow chamomile or other medicinal infusions. Of course, you have to consume them, otherwise, it may not be worth it.

other plants

For example, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes… These are options that will allow you to have profitable crops, but for your own production and for a while (although if you have a greenhouse you might consider putting them all year round).

Now what You already know which are the most profitable crops, will you dare to start planting and cultivating?

These are the most profitable crops you could grow

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