The best shade plants for outdoor pots

Many times we think that plants always require sun, but the truth is that this is not the case.. There are some that like to be in semi-shade, and other shade plants for outdoor pots. About the latter we want to talk to you.

And is that, could you give us some examples of them? If this is not the case, and in your garden you have shady parts, here is a list of them and some main care so that they decorate your garden in the best possible way. Shall we start?



We start with one of the shade plants for outdoor pots that is not well known. And yet it is very elegant and colorful in the gardens. It blooms especially in summer, with feathery flowers that can be white, fuchsia, red or pink.

It is a plant that you can place well in the shade because, although semi-shade is recommended, the truth is that if you live in a temperate or hot climate, it will be better out of the sun so that it does not burn the flowers or leaves.

We recommend putting it in very wide pots and not too deep. (for example, in planters). Of course, it needs regular watering.


The callas is another of the shade plants for outdoor pots that you can place outside in the garden, in a shady area, and it will offer you elegance and delicacy. If you’re lucky, you could keep it all year long, but if not, it will come out as the seasons go by.

Of course, be careful not to water it too much, since it does not like anything at all.

If you take good care of it, you will most likely end up having many flowers and delighting yourself with their colors (they can be white, pink, red, yellow, orange…).


In this case, one of the plants that we recommend for outdoor shade is Asplenium, a type of fern that likes shade and can help you humidify dry environments.

Of course, it is not a plant that we recommend in all cases. Ferns are somewhat foodies and need to be aware of them, especially in terms of watering and humidity.. Therefore, if you see that it begins to lose its leaves, or that they turn black, it means that it needs more sprays of water. And this, sometimes, is not easy to give it (in a balance so that the plant does not die).


Another of the shade plants for outdoor pots that we recommend, due to their beauty, are azaleas. Of course, they are plants that tolerate heat very well but not so much cold (in fact, when temperatures drop or there is frost, it is normal for you to lose the plant if you do not protect it well).

In the plant kingdom you will be able to find many varieties of azalea, as well as colors, and you can easily place them under trees, or in shady areas of the garden to give a very romantic and elegant look.



In this case, this plant does not have flowers, but it does not need them either. And it is that its own leaves are striking enough to give you a color in the garden that will dazzle you. They have a bushy and upright habit. They are quick to grow and multiply and their leaves have very different shades and patterns (there are many varieties of coleus).

You just need to find the ones you like the most to create your own design in the garden.


The gardenia is one of the most beautiful flowering plants there is. Also, in contrast to the dark green leaves, its flowers are very attractive. Of course, it is not a plant that we would recommend to beginners, because it is quite complicated to maintain. That is why you have to know its care very well to have it.

But if you are not bad at it, know that it is one of the shade plants for outdoor pots that you could choose for its aroma and its size. In addition to the location, you must provide it with good humidity and a substrate that drains very well. At first you will have to keep an eye on her but, once she adapts, she will not give you too many headaches.


We continue with more shade plants for outdoor pots. And in this case, you have one that not only doesn’t want light, but also hates it (to the point that it burns easily). It is characteristic for its leaves, which are usually in yellow tones.

In addition to placing it in the shade, the rest of the care will not be problematic because it does not like constant humidity either, watering is rather scarce.

Of course, if you have pets and they are fond of plants, know that if they bite or chew they can cause serious inflammation (it is a toxic plant). In fact, It is not convenient for you to handle it without gloves.


Along with azaleas, camellias are another of the most attention-grabbing shade plants for outdoor pots. They are native to East Asia, but the truth is that they can be very well in the shade. What it will need is that you water it often, because if it does not get enough water in the end it will not open the flowers, but will end up throwing away the buds without even opening.



There is no doubt that a hydrangea is a flower that is present throughout Spain (although more commonly in Andalusia). They are plants that adapt very well to what you give them, and in this case you can put them in shady areas without any problem. (you will prevent the sun from burning the flowers).

It needs a land with adequate pH and good drainage and environmental humidity (rather scarce watering).

As you can see, there are many shade plants for outdoor pots to choose from. You can create shady areas in the garden with only one type of plant (for example, callas or azaleas in different colors, or the same); or combine several of them. Of course, be careful with mixing plants that have very different care because in the end you will end up benefiting one over the other.. Do you recommend any more?

The best shade plants for outdoor pots

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