The importance of soil drainage

Having a soil in good condition is essential for the plants and trees in the garden to grow in good condition . It is not easy to have an optimal land to grow different specimens, since many of them require different types of soil and drainage, however, they all share some basic characteristics that it is good to know.

Today we will focus on the relationship between land and water, that is, the ability of the soil to retain water but without creating flooded areas, something that does not allow the good growth of plants because it affects their roots.

If you want to put your garden in good condition then you should try to have a soil that can store water in order to hydrate the plants and trees. Sandy soils are dry and do not allow this storage, so if they have them, they will have to be watered very frequently.

This does not happen with clay soils, which can even stop the water too much and that is why you have to control the irrigation so as not to overdo it. Waterlogging is very common in this type of soil and that is why you must have good drainage to prevent the roots from rotting.

If it is about improving sandy soils to achieve more water retention, you can add 100 kilos of peat or organic matter every 100 square meters or add some clay soil.

In addition, it is recommended to water more often but less so that the water does not evaporate as quickly.

The importance of soil drainage

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