How to protect plants from frost

Although there are many plants that resist frost and snowfall, there are others, on the contrary, they are very chilly, so much so that as soon as the temperature drops below 0 degrees their leaves begin to turn brown or their body to rot from within.

Fortunately, we can do several things to prevent them from spoiling. Next I will explain how to protect plants from frost .


  • 1 anti-frost fabric
  • 2 Greenhouse
  • 3 Protect at home

anti-frost fabric

Placement of the anti-frost fabric

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The anti- frost fabric is the perfect option to protect not very large plants that have been with us for a short time or that are a bit on the limit. It has many qualities: it allows water to pass through but not the wind, it maintains the heat that emanates from the ground and from the plant itself, thus achieving a temperature up to 4 degrees higher than outside, and it is also very light and easy to install. . We can get it at nurseries and garden stores.



When you have many plants, it is best to build a greenhouse or buy one. Although we do not have much space, today it is easy to make one, for example, using an aluminum shelf or a plastic table .

protect at home

Indoor plants grouped

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If autumn or winter has fallen upon us and we have not thought about building a greenhouse or buying an anti-frost fabric, or if we are more interested in enjoying the plants in another way, we can choose to bring them into the house. Placed in a room with plenty of natural light , away from drafts (both cold and warm), they are sure to make it to spring safe and sound .

And you, how do you protect your plants from frost? Have our tips been useful to you?

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