What is a cold bed for plants

Have you ever wondered what a cold bed for plants is? With this type of drawers or boxes, the season can be brought forward a lot, as they will allow you to keep the crops protected from sudden changes in temperature.

Now, how is it done?cold bed for plants

Image – laurabruno.wordpress.com

The cold bed or box for plants is a wooden structure with a lid, usually glass or plastic (although you can use cork or similar too), which is very useful for protecting crops from bad weather conditions in the garden or orchard during the fall and winter months. It is very easy to build, since you only need some wooden planks, hinges, nails or nails to hold everything, plastic, substrate and of course seeds.

How is it done? 

  1. The first thing is to design it. It can be a basic structure like the one you see in the images, which is very simple to do.
  2. Get four planks of wood, of the desired length, for the bottom. Join them with screws. For the base, you can use a piece of strong plastic (PVC), or nothing at all if you are going to place the cold bed on the floor.
  3. Then, cut a 30-35cm wooden strip and nail it more or less in the middle. Its function will be to support the lid so that the cold bed is not completely closed.
  4. Finally, it remains to put the lid by joining it with hinges at the back so that you can open or close it as needed.

Another alternative is to get an unused or old open wooden box or crate, give it a specific oil treatment so it can resist moisture, and attach a hinged lid to it. This video explains another way to build it:

So now you know: if you want to enjoy a longer season, build a cold bed for your crops.

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