Aeonium, perfect plants to decorate

There are numerous plants that we can put in our rockery, but if you are thinking of having a corner in your garden that reminds you of a desert landscape and that also does not require much care, then put Aeonium. You will not regret it .

These are fast growing plants with which you can make incredible compositions. There are many really precious species, like the ones you can see in the images in this article. And if it was not enough, its cultivation is suitable for everyone.

Aeonium haworthii

The genus comprises some 73 species of succulent plants originating mainly from the Canary archipelago, some of which are found in Africa. The leaves are ridged, light or dark green, or of various colors, depending on the species. Some have a stem between 10 and 50cm. Its growth rate is fast, blooming at a very young age.

Aeoniums are very grateful plants, capable of growing in any type of terrain, even in clay. But in addition, they can be kept in a pot throughout their life, in a preferably porous substrate (you can mix black peat with perlite in equal parts for example).

Succulents are fine

Your most successful location is the one where you receive direct sunlight throughout the day, but it will adapt to semi-shady areas, as long as it has more hours of light than shade.

Being a plant sensitive to frost, it is convenient to protect it inside the home, placing it in a very bright room. Still, you should know that there are species, such as the A.haworthii or A. arboreum which withstand minimum temperatures down to -3ºC if it is for a short time. I can tell you that normally the only major damage is usually the fall of a couple of leaves, but they quickly recover.

And if we talk about irrigation, this will have to be regular. During the growing season, that is, from spring to summer, we will water once a week, and the rest of the year every 10-15 days.

Aeoniums are perfect plants to have at home and in the garden. Do you have any?

Aeonium, perfect plants to decorate

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