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The care that we give to our plants and the gardens that we have at home, will not only make us receive delicious fruits and beautiful flowers, but also allow them to develop correctly. In the same way, by taking care of them and being aware of them, we will be able to protect them from diseases and pests, such as fungi and aphids, among others. That is why the fertilization of plants, It is essential so that they can receive and have the necessary nutrients to develop in the best possible conditions.

It is important to note that, lthe main nutrients They are found in the fertilizers that we apply to them, especially those rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, among others. In the same way, depending on the type of plant you have and the objective you have with each one, you will have to use one fertilizer or another.

If for example you need a fertilizer that acts immediately, it is best to use chemical fertilizers, while if you are looking for one that acts in the long term and progressively, the most recommended are organic fertilizers such as mulch, peat and manure. Remember that organic fertilizers should be the first option, as they have many benefits, such as improving soil porosity and water retention capacity.

It is important that you take many things into account when fertilize your plantssuch as the season, the doses, and the type of fertilizer, since if you do not do it correctly, it can affect the development and growth of the plant, or in worse situations negatively affect its health.

Fertilization of plants | Gardening On

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