Cultivation and watering of potted garlic

One of the keys to the proper functioning of garlic in our flowerpot is irrigation. Its cultivation is simple, but many times our garlic plants die from excess irrigation.

It is a biennial plant, with a life cycle of two years. It has very numerous and short roots, which makes it a plant very well adapted to the cultivation in the flowerpot. Its origin is believed to be in Southeast Asia or Southern Europe. It has been cultivated since ancient times by the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks already used it as a medicinal plant. It is currently grown all over the world and garlic is highly prized for its medicinal properties.It is a fairly rustic plant, which adapts well to different climates and tolerates the cold of winter well. For the formation of the bulb it needs mild temperatures and does not like excessively hot summer temperatures. Therefore, it is usually grown to form the bulb in spring. However, in pots, it can be planted throughout the year. In 12 x 12 x 12 cm pots. It works very well.

The plantation It is made from the garlic cloves, planting them about 5 cm. from the surface with the pointy part facing up. We must bear in mind that garlic has a certain latency, that is, freshly harvested garlic may take a certain time before germinating. A full head will come out of each garlic clove.

Ten days after the first irrigationIt is recommended to apply another light irrigation, in order to favor the germination of seeds that have not done so in the first irrigation. With this, the emergence of a good percentage of seedlings is achieved.

From there, the next six or seven irrigations should be applied every 15 to 25 days. The shortest stage (15 days) or longest (25) will depend on the climatic conditions of the place, the humidity requirements of the plant in its different stages of development and the texture of the soil.

When temperatures begin to rise, waterings should be more frequent, with intervals between eight and ten days.

The last irrigation should be applied 15 or 20 days before harvest.

Regarding its diseases, garlic usually poses few problems, but some of its most common pathologies or pests are: onion fly (insect), leek ringworm (insect), garlic rust (fungus) and mildew (fungus).

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Cultivation and watering of potted garlic

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