How to plant rosemary. Everything you need to know

Plant rosemary

Rosemary is a plant known for its aromatic fragrance, and because it has been cultivated for a long time in the gardens of Western Europe, as it is often used in cooking. It is a perennial shrub with flowers, which are super attractive and can be a decorative arrangement for the terrace or patio. This genus contains three species originating from the Mediterranean, the best known being the common Rosemary, also called Rosmarinus officinalis. If you want to enjoy its fragrance and flavor in your favorite dishes, then I tell you how to plant rosemary at home.

Plant rosemary

Characteristics of common rosemary

The Rosmarinus officinalis is an evergreen shrub that can be found in various cities in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean region. In its natural habitat, it can easily reach 1.8 m or more in height. If you grow it as a garden or patio plant, you will have to keep it pruned to a height of 1.2 m, with equal expansion.

The stems of common rosemary are woody, with short deep green leaves and rolled edges. The flowers are tubular and bluish-violet in color, emerging in small bouquets in spring and summer.

When to plant rosemary

You will have to plant the rosemary in spring, with the appropriate compost, starting with a container of 15 cm in diameter and changing the pot plant in the next year, to a container of 20 cm in diameter, to reach a final one of 25 cm, after which you will have to fertilize the plant on the surface with rich compost. Good drainage is essential, so you will have to put a layer of pot pieces in each container.

Rosemary care in spring and summer

In spring, cut off any dead shoots and branches and stems that have been damaged by frost, and trim any remaining shoots. Later, you will have to prune the bushes that have grown too much to return them to their compact form, or you can also do it after it has finished blooming; trim all shoots to half their length. Observe that the flowers appear in the wood of the previous year.

Keep the plant in a sunny and bright place, preferably in a protected place if it is a cold area. Rosemary resists cold drafts and does much better if you don’t water it often; keep compost only slightly moist, not puddled.

Rosemary care in autumn and winter

The flowering rosemary can continue well into the fall, and you only need to take a few precautions when winter begins. Rosemary is a hardy plant; However, ensure your plant a place where it can get sun and is protected against freezing winds. Keep compost dry during fall and winter, especially on colder days. Keep in mind that the combination of cold and humidity can be fatal for rosemary.

Rosemary propagation

If you want to spread rosemary, the first thing you should do is take cuttings that are 10 cm long from the semi-mature young shoots in summer. Remove the lower leaves from the stems and immerse the ends where you made the cut in rooting hormones. Put the cuttings in a mixture of equal parts sand and wet peat. Keep the mixture slightly damp and protected from light, in a drawer, until the shoots have taken root. This usually occurs in three to four weeks. Plant the rooted cuttings in 8 cm diameter containers.

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How to plant rosemary. Everything you need to know

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