How to graft a rose bush

Rose bushes are highly prized plants for their great beauty and for the fragrance of their flowers, widely valued throughout the world as one of the best decorative flowers. Its use is so widespread and specialized, that the usual thing is that most of the rose bushes that we see are not a single common species, […]

How to germinate a seed

Seed germination is one of those processes that continues to be a small wonder of nature no matter how many times we witness it. It is something very simple, but which in turn depends on several factors and, therefore, can be affected in many ways. If you want to learn how to germinate a seed at home, be […]

Types of palm trees

We show you a list of the palm tree species most used in gardening and to decorate our home. Among the more than 3,000 species that exist on our planet, we want to place special emphasis on those that stand out for their ornamental value. Within this selection we include indoor and outdoor palm trees, as […]

How to grow papaya

Currently, papaya is one of the most popular and consumed tropical fruits in the world. The papaya, scientifically named Carica papaya , is a small tree with a short life and very fast growth, which has its origin in Central America. It is a crop that requires a specific climate and care, but that despite everything is within […]

How to plant leeks

The leek, with the scientific name Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum , is a crop of the liliaceae family very popular in orchards in many countries. It is a plant that has its origin in Western Asia and Europe and is consumed mainly for its bulb, although its leaves and flowers are also edible. If you want to learn how to […]

How to care for a tree of plenty

The tree of abundance, with the scientific name Portulacaria afra , is a succulent with a shrub bearing very popular for its striking appearance, as well as for its usefulness on slopes and delimiting gardens. This plant is also commonly called elephant bush due to the predilection that these animals feel for it, or also a coin plant or dwarf jade plant. However, […]

How to care for sunflowers

The sunflower, with the scientific name Helianthus annuus , is one of the most striking and beautiful plants that we can choose to decorate both our garden and our home. With its huge inflorescence, one of the largest that we can find in some varieties, it is difficult to give up this impressive herbaceous plant. If you want […]

How to plant a jasmine

Jasmine is a plant tremendously valued by gardening enthusiasts, not only for the beauty of its flowers but also for the pleasant fragrance that some of its varieties offer. It is actually a whole genus of plants, the Jasminum, and not a single species, hence there are different types of jasmine, among which is the climbing garden, summer […]

How to plant parsley

Parsley, with the scientific name Petroselinum crispum , is one of the most valued and used aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine and in many other cuisines. It is a biannual plant with a large number of beneficial properties for the body and, in addition, it is very easy to grow, which is why it is considered an ideal […]

Chamaedorea care

The Chamaedorea elegans, also called the parlor palm, camadorea or Chamaedorea palm , is a small palm that has its origin in Guatemala and Mexico. It is a very striking green plant that helps to give a tropical and very colorful touch to any space, and it is that we can have the Chamaedorea outside and also inside. Despite its colorful […]

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