How to keep potting soil in good condition

land in good conditions is vital for the seeds to germinate and also for the plants to develop healthily, in a habitat that offers them the best conditions to satisfy their basic needs.

The problem is that keeping the land in good condition is not always easy. It is common to start from a noble substrate but time threatens the good health of the soil and thus after a few months it deteriorates and loses part of its virtues. This is noticed because the earth becomes hard and blocky, it is common for it to be difficult to stick a toothpick into the surface layer and it even looks opaque and a much paler brown than the initial one.

drainage and nutrients

flower pots

To keep the soil in the pots in good condition, it must always be loose and fluffy, so that water penetrates without problems, reaching the root of the plant more effectively. If the soil is very clayey, you can help it by mixing it with a little sand or even organic matter. On the contrary, if you notice that the water drains too quickly, the best thing you can do is mix it with a little heavier soil, that is, more clay. Remember that the soil in the pots must be in balance in order to keep the right amount of moisture, but always without excesses. Also pay attention to the relationship between the soil and the material used to make the pot, as the latter will influence the rate at which the water drains.

Another key point is the richness of the soil, since every plant needs a series of nutrients to survive. That is why it will be key to nourish the earth with organic matter. If you are inclined towards ecological gardening, you can design the compost yourself with organic waste from your home and then mix it with the soil. Another option is to buy it in stores.

temperature and acidity


Another key factor when it comes to keeping the potting soil in good condition is taking care of its alkalinity. If the soil is too acidic you can raise the pH by adding wood ash. It will be enough to add the remains of the ashes of a barbecue to help neutralize the acidity of the earth.

Temperature is another point to consider when it comes to improving potting soil . Remember that plants need a warm habitat, especially during the germination stage. During the cold season, you can increase the temperature, simply by moving the pot from place, placing it on a warmer surface, such as wood, or covering the pot with some fabric or fabric to insulate it from the cold. It also helps a lot to create a padding that can be made of dry leaves, branches or stones to insulate the ground from the cold through an insulating layer.

How to keep potting soil in good condition

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