How to buy an electric barbecue

Surely more than once you have envied your neighbor when he makes a barbecue. The problem is that these, when they are traditional, require a lot of effort, time and a little skill. Therefore, to save you this and that you can also enjoy one, how about you opt for an electric barbecue?

Yes, we know, you may not have a clue how to buy one. But we are going to give you the keys and we will also help you to know some of the most suitable models according to your situation (and budget). Go for it?

Top 1. The best electric barbecue



  • It stops working after a while.
  • It lacks power.

Selection of electric barbecues

Having several models to choose from allows us to take time to get to know them, we know the pros and cons and, finally, buy the best one for us. For this reason, here we leave you other models of electric barbecues that may be interesting.

Jata BQ101 Electro Barbecue Without Smokes Or Smells

It has the characteristic of not giving off smoke or odour. Its power is 2400W and it is easy to clean because it can be completely disassembled.

With a power of 2000W, this electric barbecue is easy to clean thanks to the removable parts. You can control the temperature with five speeds.

George Foreman Grill – Electric Grill

It has a removable non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Its power is 2400W and it has five adjustable temperature settings.

Cecotec PerfectRoast 3000 Stainless Steel Tabletop Electric Barbecue

It has a maximum power of 3000W and a large cooking surface of 30×50. In addition, it has a mixed, that is, grill on one side and iron on the other.

Weber Electric barbecue Q1400 Stand Dark Gray 2200 W

It is one of the most complete electric barbecues, with a cast aluminum lid and casing, as well as a porcelain enameled cast iron grill. Its power is 2,2kW and it has a temperature regulator and two side tables.

Buying guide for an electric barbecue

Buying an electric barbecue is not an easy thing to do. There are many factors to take into account to make a good purchase. Being electric, one of the limitations you will have is in terms of where to place it, since you will need a place where you can get electricity.

But what other details must be taken into account? We summarize them for you.


We start with the size, and in this case you must bear in mind that depending on what you want the barbecue for, it must be larger or smaller. For example, you cannot make a meal for 10 people with a barbecue for two. Or one for 10 where only you are going to eat.

The smaller, the cheaper, but it limits the people you can invite.

Another point to take into account in the size is the capacity for food. That is, what is the size of the grill. Here we are not talking in general about the complete barbecue, but about the space you will have to cook. Sometimes some barbecues are very large but the cooking part is so small that it doesn’t finish serving you. So keep that in mind when you go shopping for one.


If you want a good electric barbecue, it must have a power of at least 1,5kW. Now, the more power it has, the more energy consumption it will cause. But if you buy less than that power you risk falling short.

Our recommendation is that you do not buy one with less power because in the long run you will end up missing it. And it doesn’t cost much unless you’re going to use it every day (in those cases it’s possible that a gas or firewood one will be more profitable).


As for the type, there are many electric barbecues. Not only based on power or size, but also on other characteristics that differentiate them, such as the fact that there is no smoke, that it is easily cleaned, that it has a “countertop”, that it is portable… All this influences the time to buy.

Not all barbecues have the same characteristics, so you may find models that do not have any or others that have one or two. Of course, when this happens it is very common for the price to also go up because it is an extra that is given to the product.


Finally, there is no doubt that the price will also influence when buying an electric barbecue since it must be within your budget. In this case, the prices will differ according to the characteristics that we have seen before, that is, the size, the power or the type of barbecue.

The price range varies from 30 to 400 euros or more.

Where to buy?

buy electric barbecue

After everything we have told you, it is normal that you already have a better idea to buy an electric barbecue. But where to buy it? We have taken a look at the main stores that are most sought after to buy a barbecue, and this is what we have found.

The Amazon

It is where we have seen more variety, but they have the drawback that many of the products have a somewhat higher price than buying them on other sites. Even so, the guarantee and the possibility of returning it if you don’t like it is very useful.


It is similar to Amazon, since by opening up to third-party sellers it has a broader catalog. Of course, you must bear in mind that there may be shipping costs (it will not be free) and there would also be increased prices.


A cheaper option is the one offered by Lidl. But it has a problem and that is that the electric barbecue is part of the temporary offers. That means that you will not have it available in stores whenever you want.

But yes, you could look at the online store, since they upload more and more products to their catalog and maintain them over time.

Have you already decided on your favorite electric barbecue?

How to buy an electric barbecue

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