Everything you need to know to buy bilge pumps

buy bilge pumps

Spring is the time when we begin to prepare the pools, emptying the water that is inside if it has turned ugly, cleaning it and refilling it. And winter, with the rains, It may be that you have experienced a flood in your house that has made you have to extract the water. Do you know that there are bilge pumps to help you with that?

Well yes, and it can be a very useful tool if you know how to get one suitable for the use you are going to give it. Wait, are you only looking at the price? Then take a look at the guide that we have prepared for you to know exactly what to look for when buying bilge pumps.

Best bilge pumps

Best bilge pump brands

Here we leave you some of the best brands of bilge pumps that you can find on the market. Look at them.


Power tools, water pumps, cutting tables and a fairly wide range of garden tools is what the Einhell brand offers us. It is available in more than 90 countries.

Its creator was Josef Thannhuber who, in 1964, began his career as a sole trader. Thus, we can find that they have a presence in Spain (they have an office in Algete, Madrid). With more than 50 years of experience, is one of the brands that offers simple solutions where quality is its highest priority.


In the case of Gardena, its headquarters are located in Ulm, Germany, and it is one of the preferred brands for homes and gardens.

It offers a wide range of products for the garden and for the home, Being a leading brand in garden tools.

With regard to bilge pumps, these products, of various models to suit customers, are among the best known and appreciated for their quality and efficiency.


“We know what we do.” This is the phrase that we have stayed when looking for the history of TROTEC on its website. For the team that is part of the company “Each product is a comprehensive solution to a problem”Hence, they develop their products based on the problems that customers have.

Its headquarters are located in Heinsberg, its origin and where the first headquarters of the group were installed. Currently, its product catalog is quite extensive, ranging from products for air conditioning and air conditioning for industry, crafts, and the home, to restoration and sanitation of water damage, measurement, power tools, and a large number of other services and products.

Buying guide for a bilge pump

Do you need bilge pumps? Well, before you rush to the store to buy the one that you find cheapest or that convinces you the most (or do it online), let us tell you that looking only at the price is how you can make a mistake. And it is that, in addition to this factor, you should take into account others that will affect when using it.

Which is it? We tell you the most important:


The size of the bilge pump is very important. because it will depend on whether it has power or whether you can use it for the project you have in hand (otherwise you won’t get it in the end).

To give you an idea: if you have a pool with 10,000 liters of water and you buy a bilge pump that can only work for 3,000 liters, you will most likely have to stop several times because it gets hot, or because it cannot deal with so much.

Particle size to be pumped

It is not the same to have to pump a pool that has mud or mud that uses only water. In the same way, it is not the same to drain water from a flood that you can suffer from a basement or a garage than from a place closer to the ground.

Therefore, the size of the particles is another factor to take into account so that it adapts to what you are looking for. Otherwise, the normal thing is that it does not take effect (and hence the bad experiences).

water type

Do you know that a bilge pump for drinking water is not the same as for dirty water and sludge? Well yes, they are two different machines. If you try to use one for a use other than the one for which it has been configured, it is normal for you to have difficulties with it and even break it.

Absorption capacity and pressure

It is essential that you know these two facts in order to know if it is useful to reduce flood water or to help you in case of accidental flooding. It will not only tell you if it is a good machine, but It will also help you get the job done faster. (or less) and consequently you will have a better (or worse) experience.


Finally, the price is another factor that you should take into account when buying bilge pumps. But this will depend to a large extent on the factors that we have mentioned before. Hence, the price range is wider because, Depending on the use you are going to give it, you should buy a more professional, or less.

What are bilge pumps

Do you know exactly what bilge pumps are? These are tools whose function is none other than to extract or evacuate a large amount of water in a short time. However, this water is not used for any other use.

Among the functions or uses that you can give to these machines are emptying flooded garages, extract water from swimming pools (for example because it is dirty and you have to remove the water, wash it and fill it again), drain surfaces, make a supply well, etc.

Despite the fact that, in principle, these machines look very professional, on the market we can now find some more homemade ones that are ideal for day-to-day use (or every so often).

Where to buy?

Where to buy to shrink

The last thing we have left is to tell you about places where you can find bilge pumps. It is not a product that you can find anywhere, the truth is that no. But if there are some stores that have multiple models and where you should take a look. We tell you the most searched for on the Internet.


This is the store where you will have the most variety in terms of bilge pumps, although the price may also be higher than other stores. Yes, you have to review the product sheet well to know if it adapts to what you are looking for (and if it works for you).

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin, within the Plumbing section, there is a subcategory of water pumps and, within this, of pumps for emptying and transferring.

In it we can find many types of pumps, but it allows us to filter by bilge pumps. The number of products is not too high, but we can find different options that, thanks also to its filters, we can narrow down the results more.


With fewer products you will find Bricomart (now Obramart), but all of them focused on professionals. These machines are the most used among professionals who are dedicated to these jobs, which is why it may be a good choice to buy them in this store.

As for prices, you have something for all budgets since its price range covers different customer profiles.

Now that you know more about bilge pumps, Do you already know which one is best for you?

Everything you need to know to buy bilge pumps

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