Gardens with stones: ideas to have one in your home

stone gardens

One of the favorite materials for many when decorating gardens are stones. The elegance, order and also the contrast that they produce with respect to the land or plants makes many use it when delimiting the plantations, making trails or simply giving them a meandering shape. And it is that the gardens with stones are fashionable.

But how should they be built? What Kinds of Stone Gardens Are Best? Is there anything to keep in mind before mounting them? Find out everything you need to know about this topic.

Why choose stone gardens

Why choose stone gardens

Imagine two gardens. One of them has all green grass. It’s sautéed by some plants and looks very “natural.” The other has stone decoration above all, with a path of large and wide stones and, on the sides, delimited in an undulating way with plants in the center. Which of the two do you like the most?

Believe it or not, both have maintenance, but the truth is that lawn gardens consume a lot of water, in addition to that you must provide them with a lot of care so that they stay that green and fresh color.

On the other hand, with stone gardens things change. Gravel, pebbles, small rocks or any small stone are a very suitable coating in the garden floor. that allows you to maintain a shape and that it remains undaunted without even extreme care.

Therefore, more and more people are opting for them because:

  • They are very easy to maintain.
  • They allow you to create different shapes.
  • You will use stones of various sizes, shapes and colors, which will make your garden more personal.

What you should take into account before making a garden with stones

What you should take into account before making a garden with stones

Before starting to decorate gardens with stones, you should know that you need to prepare the soil to avoid problems in the future, especially related to plants.

Specifically, you have to level the ground, or at least put it as straight as possible, without there being ripples or gaps in it. Yes, they can be filled with stones, and it will be enough to put more on one side than the other, but if you can leave it well from the beginning it is much better.

The next step you must take is to place an anti-weed mesh. Or anti-weed. It consists of a cloth that prevents plants from growing underneath, and does not allow them to pass through that cloth. What do you get out of it? Well, it is easy to help you not get weeds between the stones, or that these end up being part of the vegetation itself, and yes of the decoration that you have wanted to put on.

Then you have to choose the type of stones to use. Not only in terms of color, but also size, use, etc. For example, if you want to build a stream of stones, you need small ones, ideally bluish tones. On the other hand, if you want to use them as paving stones to mark a path, the best are flat and wide.

Once you have everything, it is time to get down to work and for this we give you several ideas of gardens with stones.

Ideas for gardens with stones

Ideas for gardens with stones

Stone garden options are many. It all depends on the space you have, how you want the stones to be the protagonists and the creativity you have. But, if you prefer to take a look at some examples, we leave them below.

A stream made of stones

It is true that it is not the most common, but that is why it will stand out in the garden. If you have a wide one, you can delimit the course of a river, in an undulating way, even making it pass over a wooden bridge.

The best are pebble or small stones that simulate the water course (which means that if they are blue, white or gray they will be perfect). Of course, you should not put vegetation there.

Another variation of this decoration is to fill that “river” with water. As long as you have a good system, it would not be a bad idea, and you could even play with the return of the water so that it always uses the same and does not harm the environment.

A stone path

The famous cobblestones. They can actually be placed in many different ways, from making a garden with path with stones of various sizes and shapes to step on until using large stones to mark the steps you must take from point A to point B.

It is a practical way to make the garden more accessible, in addition to that you can mark the way and illuminate it with accessories such as street lamps, beacons, etc.

Gardens with large stones

Large stones allow you to play with two options: or use them as a construction, for example for stairs, a bridge, etc .; or in a decorative way.

Of course, we recommend that you choose rocks that are large and asymmetricalbecause they will add more personality and character to your garden.

Gardens with stones in patterns

We mean exactly using the stones of different shades to create a design itself. These are usually with floral motifs, and that can even allow you to plant the plants that simulate that drawing you make with the stones.

But the truth is that in terms of drawings there are many options, because you can also use oriental symbols, or whatever comes to mind.

Zen gardens

How about building a zen garden? This one uses sand, but it can also get hold of tiny stones. In addition, you can put some plants such as orchids, lotus flowers, bamboo … which are typical in these gardens.

Plant protection

Imagine delimiting a part for plants. In order to protect them and that the earth does not go away, you can place stones on top of them. On the market there are some specials that conserve moisture, which will help you water them less and, incidentally, keep the shape longer.

Delimiting spaces

Stone gardens can also be used for delimit spaces, for example with different species of plantsor with different uses of the garden.

Can you think of more ideas to make gardens with stones?

Gardens with stones: ideas to have one in your home

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