How to plant a fig tree

Fancy some freshly picked figs? They are very, very tasty and can be harvested throughout the summer, even in autumn if the weather is mild. And, even if it is the same fig, there are those who say that it does not taste the same if you eat it in the garden, than if you do it inside the house. It’s curious, right? We do not know if there is something scientific in this, what I can tell you is that there is nothing like planting and taking care of your own food .

So, let’s see how to plant a fig tree .

ficus carica

The fig tree is a tree that measures about 5-6m, and over time its crown reaches about 5m in diameter, especially if it is a plant that is allowed to grow freely. However, it must be taken into account that it can be pruned during the spring (before its buds awaken) to keep its growth controlled.

When we want to plant it in its final location, we will wait for summer to arrive , since Ficus are plants of tropical and subtropical origin, which will better cope with this type of work in the warmer months of the year.


When transplanting it we have to do the following:

  1. A planting hole of at least 50x50cm (ideally 1x1m). It is very important that the place where we are going to plant our fig tree is at a minimum distance of 5m from pipes, soil, etc., and that it is directly exposed to the sun.
  2. Mix the soil that we have removed with a little organic fertilizer (worm humus, for example) and perlite.
  3. Pour a bucket of water into the hole.
  4. Extract the fig tree from its pot and introduce it into what will be its new »home». If we see that it is going to be low, we will add a little mixed soil.
  5. We fill the hole.
  6. And we water again.

Simple, right? If it is very windy in your area, you can put a tutor on it so that it has optimal development.

Within a very short time you will be able to harvest your own figs.

How to plant a fig tree

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