How to make the land more fertile

Hello! Today I am going to talk to you about a task that you can do during your free time. Specifically, I am going to give you advice on how to make the soil more fertile , and thus your garden plants grow even better.

This is a very special topic because it is not only about adding something to the land, but also about respecting the environment, otherwise we would end up having a plot with practically nothing. So, let’s learn to have a beautiful green corner… but above all healthy.

Avoid chemicals


Before we start to »add», we are going to »remove». The chemical products used in gardening can be very effective, but in the short or medium term they generate imbalances in the ecosystem of your garden . For example, the insecticides we use, once they reach the surface of the ground, are absorbed by the earth, and as a consequence this product can end the life of insects that live underground. Among this fauna we find earthworms, which are allies of plants by keeping the root system oxygenated thanks to the passageways that it “digs” around said roots.

That is why it is always preferable to avoid chemical products that are not of natural or ecological origin.


Compost is a perfect fertilizer, not only for plants, but also for the soil. We can do it with all the organic remains that we have at home, with pruning remains, with the leaves that we have collected after cleaning the garden… All this will be well received by your favorite place in the home.

How do we add compost? Very easy: you just have to mix it with the soil. We remove it well with a motorized tractor or with a hoe (depending on the dimensions of the garden), we add the compost, and finally with the rake we mix it. If we feel like it, we can water so that our plants begin to be fertilized with a natural, homemade and very economical fertilizer .

How to make the land more fertile

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