Where to buy plants?

If you are new to the world of gardening, it is very likely that you have many doubts about… everything. One of the most asked questions is where to buy plants . Today we are lucky enough to find them for sale in many places: hypermarkets, local markets, nurseries, garden stores… and even online stores have been created and continue to be created.

How to choose the place where you are going to buy the plants?


Buy plants in physical sites VS Buy plants online


Advantages and disadvantages of buying plants in physical sites

Buying plants in markets, nurseries,… in short, in physical places, is an incredible experience, even wonderful. You can see the variety of plants that are sold on these sites, and that is something that allows you to learn more about the different types that there are and the characteristics that each one has .

In addition, the fact of being able to take those specimens that you like the most and observe them carefully is very good, because that way you make sure that you will take home plants that are healthy. However, there is a drawback: although it is becoming easier to find new plants, the reality is that the offer that we can find in physical sites is less than what we can find in online stores .

Advantages and disadvantages of buying plants online

Today we can do all our shopping online, including the “green” ones. The price is very cheap and the variety is huge , so it is a very interesting option if we are looking for a specific plant, if we have to make a very large order and we do not have a car, or for whatever reason we cannot carry a lot of weight.

But yes, there are several drawbacks: you cannot touch the plant so you have to place your trust in the person in charge of the online store, the shipping costs for few plants are usually high , and there is a risk that the plants will be damaged. during the trip .

What is better: physical sites or online stores?

cacti in nursery

It depends . I can tell you that I have bought many plants in many different places, including online stores. Personally, I prefer to buy from physical nurseries, but not just any, but those that only specialize in the production of one type of plant. They are the only places where you know you will find people who understand these types of plants. In places where they sell trees, cacti, carnivores, etc. it is very difficult to find someone who understands that plant that you want to take home.

Regarding online stores, well, I have nothing negative to say, but it is true that, before deciding on one, I highly recommend that you look for opinions online. It is the only way to know if that store you have found is really legit or not.

Where to buy plants?

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