Plants to have in a Feng Shui home

If you want to renovate your home and you want energy to flow in the different rooms of the house, you can pay attention to Feng Shui , an ancient system of Chinese origin that seeks the conscious and harmonic occupation of space .

The furniture, the location of the doors and windows are analyzed in detail in order to get the most out of it and have tables, chairs and beds in the right place so that positive energy invades the home. Following this line, plants play an essential role and help to achieve the desired balance and peace, and the same happens with fruits and flowers, which make rooms more pleasant and welcoming while promoting good luck.

It is common for all plants to help attract positive energies and that is why they are essential elements of Feng Shui, although there are some species that also help purify the environment and that is why they are highly regarded by those who practice this technique.


Plants and vital energy

robust ficus

There is much research that tells us about the benefits of plants because during photosynthesis plants release water vapor and then help to humidify the environment as well as eliminate toxins from the air such as formaldehyde, which is present in carpets, cigarette smoke, bags garbage or vinyl; benzene, present in environments with many books and papers; and trichloroethylene, which arise from emissions of synthetic fibers, paints and solvents.

On the other hand, plants increase the ability to concentrate and improve the state of mind, which is why they are highly regarded in Feng Shui because they are authentic reservoirs of energy, thus balancing the Chi (vital energy) of the home by trapping the sun’s rays (or Yang energy), radiating Yang energy to the environment.

4 air purification plants


The Bamboo Palm is one of the most classic plants of Feng Shui , a plant that gives elegance and is ideal for interior spaces as it helps purify the air in the environment. It is very common to find it in those homes whose layout follows the lines of Feng Shui because it is not only pleasing to the eye but also takes care of neutralizing the air.

Within the Bamboo family you can also opt for the Bamboo Palm, a plant that stands out for neutralizing some toxic substances in the environment, such as benzene. It is a tropical-looking species that is very easy to care for and offers great resistance. It is widely used by those who take advantage of the benefits of Feng Shui and that is why we are talking about it.

Another plant for Feng Shui is the Ficus robusta , a variety of Ficus that stands out for its power of adaptation. It is ideal to have in dark places where there is very little natural light due to its high resistance. Any Ficus is ideal to have in the home because it is a very adaptable plant, but the robusta wins all the applause in cases of shady environments, as it can be used following the rules of Feng Shui despite the low light providing its quota of renewed air to the home.

Ferns are also in the game and within this species there are many varieties to choose from. Again, we are talking about plants with great power of adaptation that require little care and deal with purifying the environment without complications. You can place them in any corner of the home and it will always give a nice corner.

Plants to have in a Feng Shui home

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