Systems to improve soil drainage

The chances of success are much greater when the terrain is ideal, but we know that this does not always happen. There are irregular soils, others that are sloping or poorly drained, some that are too poor and others with very compact soils that give rise to waterlogging that suffocates roots and can lead to the death of the plants.

The first thing to do when planning the garden is to analyze the type of soil and check its drainage . In case of detecting drainage problems , it is necessary to find a solution or otherwise we will be in serious trouble.

I am sorry to tell you that the solution comes from the hand of some works because it is necessary to create a specific structure that improves drainage. In this sense, there are two possible paths and in the choice it will be necessary to analyze costs and benefits.


  • 1 Buried drainage
  • 2 solids for drainage

buried drainage


possible solution to improve the drainage of the garden soil is to install an underground drainage system , that is, a buried structure that is responsible for evacuating excess water.

The most common is that it is an underground network made up of tubes that are about 40/50 centimeters deep, located in parallel and with a separation of between 2 and 3 meters. The installation requires some work because to locate the tubes it is necessary to dig trenches 59 cm wide, which are responsible for housing the tubes. But the most important thing for the system to work is that the network must have a falling slope so that the water reaches from the tubes to a main ditch that will be connected to a water evacuation collector.

Another simple buried drainage structure is to create a network of ditches in the shape of a herringbone, one of the most typical designs for the water to evacuate from the secondary pipes to the central one. It is also possible to locate the central tube on one of the sides of the garden and for the secondary tubes to lead the water towards it to achieve its evacuation.

solids for drainage


Although the underground drainage system provides an immediate solution to soil drainage problems, it is necessary to have a budget for its installation and that is why there are other cheaper solutions for soil drainage, such as the creation of massifs.

The work is easier because you only have to raise massifs between 20 and 30 cm high, leaving paths between the massifs so that the water can circulate there. A layer of gravel is then placed to prevent the paths from becoming waterlogged.

It is possible to do the job without outside help and with the help of a backhoe to create the paths.

Systems to improve soil drainage

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