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Jasmine is an ideal climber to cover a pergola, a lattice, and can even be grown in a pot. As it has a rather slow growth, it can be controlled without problems by small pruning once or twice a year, unlike for example a honeysuckle that you have to cut the stems much more often.

But there is a question that assails us and it is the following: When does jasmine bloom? Although it is a very easy plant to maintain, suitable for beginners, it can sometimes take a little while to produce its beautiful flowers.

What is jasmine like?

Jasminum polyanthum flowers

Jasmine is a climber native to Africa and Arabia that has opposite green leaves and very fragrant white or yellow flowers depending on the variety. These are kept open for a very short time, but blooming season lasts from late spring to early falland sometimes, if the weather is mild, it lasts through the winter.

Its care is very simple, because only needs protection against strong frost (supports up to -6ºC), two or three weekly irrigations and a support to climb. But sometimes problems can arise.

Since its care is quite simple, it is a perfect plant for those who do not have much knowledge about gardening. Despite popular belief, jasmine is a more rustic plant and highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. There are several details that add to the appeal of this plant.

The true beauty of this plant is in its flowering. There are many people who do not know when jasmine blooms. We must know that, for it to flourish, some specific environmental conditions must be met. If we are rigorous in complying with the care that this plant needs, we will not only see that it is extremely beautiful, but that it is very generous and has a unique perfume that is what makes this plant characteristic.

Before getting to know when jasmine blooms, it is interesting to know that there are 200 varieties of this species, so it allows us to combine different types of them in the same place. It is another of the virtues of this plant. We can also enjoy it in a pot. The place where we must place the garden is not important if we know what care it needs.

When does jasmine bloom: care


If we want to know when jasmine blooms and what is needed so that the flowering can take place in good conditions, we must know the care well. Despite the fact that it is a fairly large family of plants, all the care is the same for all the plants in the family. Most of the jasmine are ideal to be able to dress the walls, pergolas or any other support due to its climbing character. One of the advantages that jasmine has with respect to other climbers is that it is not an invasive plant nor does it complicate our lives with the care it has, as it can happen with ivy or wisteria.

If the jasmine care is correct we can see that it can grow up to about 6 in height. When asked when to bloom jasmine, we can say that it has a summer bloom. That is, flowering begins to develop with the arrival of spring and summer. In late spring, when temperatures are already higher and there is no risk of frost, the flowers begin to develop.

In order for the flowers to grow well, the following cares are needed:

  • Location: location is key in jasmine care. Although it is not one of its fundamental cares, it is true that this plant requires exposure to full sun. You have to understand that it is a plant that comes from hot climates, so it needs light to develop well.
  • Temperature: Although it has hot climates, the temperature is not something fundamental. Be grateful for heat, but you don’t need temperatures that are too warm all year round. Tolerate temperatures down to – 3 degrees. If the area where you live usually has frosts in winter, it is best to protect its roots.
  • Irrigation: It should be quite abundant during the spring and summer months, which is when they have the growing and flowering months. Ideally, water every two to three days and reduce watering again during the winter months. During this time, it is enough to water when we notice that the earth has begun to dry out.
  • Ground: it is another aspect that is not very important. And it is a fairly rustic and resistant plant. It is so versatile that it can grow in poor soils. Its ideal place is a universal substrate that is rich in nutrients.
  • Sewer system: This is one of the fundamental aspects to take care of jasmine. It does not have tolerance to puddles, since its roots can rot easily. This means that we need a soil with good drainage. Thanks to this drainage the excess irrigation water can be evacuated without problems.
  • Subscriber: It is not only important to know when the jasmine blooms to see its flowers, but to use the fertilizer well. If we want to see it full of flowers and growing well, we must apply fertilizer during the development months. The ideal is to apply a dose of fertilizer monthly.

Why is my jasmine not blooming?

It has not been pruned

Although it blooms naturally without human help, it may happen that it has “settled down” too much and decided to spend its energy on growth and not so much on flower production. If this is what you think has happened to your plant, feel free to trim its stems in late winter so it can flower.

You have too much or too little water

Jasmine must be watered quite often, as it does not withstand drought. But you must try to avoid waterlogging at all times. The extremes hurt you a lot, so before watering, I recommend checking the humidity of the soil. To do this, simply insert a thin wooden stick: if it comes out clean when you extract it, you will have to water.

Lack of fertilizer

During spring and summer you have to fertilize it with liquid fertilizers following the instructions specified on the package. Likewise, it is necessary that, if we have it in a pot, it let’s transplant to a larger one every 2 years, putting new substrate on it so that it can continue growing.

Jasminum nudiflorum flower

Hope these tips help your jasmine bloom again.

When does jasmine bloom? | Gardening On

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