Centaurea melitensis: Plant with a very different appearance

Seen from very close, the centaurea melitensis It is a plant with a somewhat striking and peculiar appearance in its flowers. But in itself it is a species that is at high risk for other plants growing around itas it is considered a weed. Although it is true that some caregivers, botanists, gardeners and amateurs […]

+7 types of Sophora and their care

Image – Wikimedia Commons / bastus9 The genus Sophora is made up of trees and shrubs of great beauty. Of the 70 species that have been described, there are some that are deciduous and others are evergreen, a characteristic motivated by the need to protect themselves or not from frost. But this can be very […]

Medicago lupulina: Small plant with yellow flowers

Today we will talk a little about a somewhat peculiar plantwhich most of the time goes unnoticed due to its small size, but still has great importance for some people and gardeners. Today we give the opportunity to Medicago lupulinWhich it is a plant capable of controlling the growth of other speciesespecially those that are […]

Penta, care of a low maintenance plant

Have you dreamed of having a simple-looking plant that looks like a bush, but that its flowers are the center of attention and make your garden a beautiful and beautiful place to admire? Possibly you have been in search of a species that achieves such a thing. The good news is that thanks to the […]

How to germinate Hibiscus seeds? – Complete guide

Hibiscus are a genus of shrubs and little trees whose flowers are stupendous. Although they remain open for only a short time, they are so brightly colored that it is impossible not to stop to look at them. Therefore, it is not surprising that they decorate our gardens and those of our city or town […]

Coleus forskohlii, a care guide for this precious medicinal plant

Image – Wikimedia / Vinayaraj The Coleus forskohlii It is a plant with a delicate and fragile appearance, but it has great beauty. It is that typical plant that you can grow on the balcony, for example, and surely more than one will come to caress its leaves. And not only that: when it blooms, […]

When does jasmine bloom? | Gardening On

Jasmine is an ideal climber to cover a pergola, a lattice, and can even be grown in a pot. As it has a rather slow growth, it can be controlled without problems by small pruning once or twice a year, unlike for example a honeysuckle that you have to cut the stems much more often. […]

8 red trees in autumn and their basic care

Red is a color that humans tend to be very attracted to; not in vain, it is the color of what keeps us alive. Also birds love it, like hummingbirds; although in a country like Spain, where the climate is temperate, you will not see these precious animals, originally from the American rainforests. But that […]

Hevea brasiliensis: Also called rubber tree or rubber tree

Does the name of hevea brazilian? You have probably never heard it in your life, unless you study botany or related careers. Nevertheless, it is very likely that you know what species we are talking aboutsince it is used in implemented in European and Asian countries to create rubber. Today we give the opportunity and […]

What is the difference between a tree and a bush?

The Plant Kingdom is made up of various types of plants, with trees and shrubs being the most frequently confused; not surprisingly, both have woody stems and flowers that are usually very showy. However, they have other characteristics that make them unique. But, which are? If you want to know what the difference is between […]

When and how to plant ivy in the garden?

Ivy is such an easy climbing plant to care for, it is often enough just to plant it in the garden and give it some risks so that it remains beautiful on its own. In addition, as it has a fairly fast growth rate, in less time than we think we can have a lattice, […]

Iresine care | Gardening On

Do you like plants with showy foliage? Sometimes it can be a total odyssey to get a good plant with these characteristics and if you have a taste like that, then you will love Iresine. Unlike many plants that have been discussed on this page, the beauty of this species does not lie in the […]

Nepenthes hookeriana: caring for this beautiful tropical carnivore

Image – Flickr / David Eickhoff The Nepenthes hookeriana It is a plant whose traps are white or yellowish-white with brown spots very typical of this species, thanks to which it is usually quite easy to identify it. They do not measure up to 41 centimeters long that those of the nephentes rajahbut yes that, […]

What are honey plants ?: what are they and types

From the nectar of the flowers, a healthy food is produced that, in addition, can help us to strengthen our defense system: honey. Y there is a great variety of honey plantswhich is how those who have an interest in beekeeping are called, that is, for those who are dedicated to raising and caring for […]

Cordyline: A very easy to care plant with very bright colors

Today we welcome not just one, but more than 15 different species that belong to the same family. It is worth mentioning that these plants can be both indoors and outdoors. For now, we want you to know that we are going to offer you all the details of how to give the best care […]

How to revive a Brazilian stick?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Forest & Kim Starr Palo de Brasil, also known as Palo de Agua, is a very popular plant in gardens and terraces, but also indoors, especially when living in an area where winter is cold. In fact, while you might think that a “simple” stem with green leaves cannot beautify […]

Tsuga canadensis: A tall tree beneficial to animals

The Tsuga canadensis It is a species of tree whose height becomes so pronounced that it can easily cover an entire forest and benefit the animals that inhabit it. So for now, the desire to have this species in your garden is something difficult to carry out due to its dimensions, once it reaches its […]

9 types of small ferns

Ferns began their evolution more than 300 million years ago. In fact, when dinosaurs appeared, they already encountered them, and even used them for food. Therefore, they are primitive plants, which also have a high ornamental value. They look great in a corner of the garden, where they are protected from the sun, as well […]

8 upholstery plants for aquariums and their basic care

The most beautiful thing about having an aquarium is being able to enjoy a bit of nature, and for that to be possible it is important not only to choose the right fauna, but also the plant species that can grow best in it taking into account the size. of the container, the volume of […]

8 Types of Large Trees for Temperate and Tropical Climates

There are many types of large trees. In fact, if we take into account that an average human does not exceed 2 meters in height, any plant that forces us to turn our heads back to be able to contemplate it better, we already consider it very tall. But yes, there are a number of […]

Sonchus tenerrimus: A weed with very pretty flowers

The Sonchus tenerrimus At first glance it will seem that it is a weed type plant that it has no use or benefit for you, It is far from ideal to have it in your garden. The reality is that it is a plant that despite its physical appearance shows and offers you the opposite […]

Why is my sansevieria not growing? Causes and solutions

Image – Wikimedia / Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz The Sansevieria is beautiful, so much so that it is very beautiful both indoors and under a tree in the garden. However, it may happen that, for some reason, it stops growing. And it is that, although we are talking about a plant whose growth rate is slow, […]

Types of Taxodium: origin and characteristics

Image – Flickr / cskk Taxodiums are a genus of trees that are usually found in swampy areas, which is why they are one of the most recommended for planting in lands with a tendency to flood, or in gardens that are in regions where it rains very frequently. However, they also do quite well […]

Does Blue Japanese Maple Exist?

Its nice is not it? But is it real? Seeds of the supposed blue japanese mapleas if it were a new variety. However, when you try to find the name of the aforementioned, you simply cannot find it. Why? Following a question they asked in one of the articles we have about the japanese maple, […]

Leylandi, the cypress for hedges: characteristics and care

If you have a large garden and you want to create differentiated areas in it, you can use those species that work as a screen. Tall hedges are ideal when looking to create a boundary with the outside. Their framework makes them ideal for use in living fences, as they allow creating the necessary privacy […]

When and how is the weeping willow pruned?

The weeping willow is one of the most graceful trees out there. Its waterfall-shaped canopy provides excellent shade throughout spring and summer, and is also not very demanding. But, if we want it to look as or prettier as ever, we have to know how it is pruned. This is a task that, if not […]

Rhus toxicodendron: origin and characteristics

Image – Ken-ichi Ueda There are a number of plants that produce substances that are very useful for defending themselves against herbivorous animals. Some of them are used today to make medicine for humans, usually to relieve severe pain. But we must be careful, because although they can be great garden plants, they can also […]

My gardenia is not blooming: what do I do to fix it?

Has your gardenia stopped blooming? This is a shrub that produces very beautiful white flowers, and that also does it every year. Nevertheless, when it has a problem, its flowering is delayed. When this happens, it can continue to grow new leaves, but if it no longer produces flowers, it will not grow either or […]

When and how to plant a fir tree step by step?

Image – Wikimedia / Liné1 Fir is a conifer that often beautifies the mountainous forests of the northern hemisphere, both in Eurasia and North America. They can reach impressive heights, up to 80 meters, and live an average of 300 years. They are plants that can help us imagine what it would look like, some […]

How to choose ornamental trees?

Ornamental trees are those that will beautify the garden, either all year round, or a part of it. In addition, depending on the species, they can also give a very pleasant shade, a characteristic that must be taken into account especially when we live in an area where it is very hot. Now, How to […]

Mahonia: shrub that offers beautiful flowers in winter

The mahonia is one of those pgeese plants that have the ability to demonstrate their beauty in winter times. One that does achieve it with formidable beauty are the Mahonias. Generally speaking, this is a simply amazing shrub in winter. Perhaps the most characteristic of this plant are its yellow flowers sprouting from the deep […]

+10 plants for gardens by the sea

Do you have a piece of land near the sea and would you like to transform it into a fantastic garden? If so, you should know that it is a much easier task than you think, since there are many that you can have in it. Trees, bushes, palms, flowers. There are so many that […]

How to know the age of a tree?

Trees are the type of land plant that can grow and live longer than the rest; What’s more, there are some that exceed a millennium of life, such as redwoods, olive trees or holm oaks. These are characterized by having a slow development rate, and also flower after a few years after the germination of […]

7 jungle plants: names and characteristics

In Gardening On we talk a lot about plants that you can have in the garden, on your patio, balcony, terrace and of course inside the home. But we believe that it is very interesting – and recommended – to take a look at those that live in other places, such as a desert or […]

Anchusa officinalis: A pretty plant with beautiful flowers

The Anchusa officinalis is the name that this plant has adopted in the botanical field. However, is well known by a wide variety of names It varies according to the place where it is located as well as the culture of the place. The truth is that it is not only simply a plant that […]

Sanguinaria: characteristics, uses and more

Humans need to name everything, and the ones we choose for plants are often a bit curious. One of them is the bloodroota herb capable of living a few years and that also produces very, very pretty white flowers. Its ornamental value is so high that different cultivars have been created, such as the S. […]

What are the diseases of hydrangeas?

There plants that are physically simpleboth in its leaves and in its structure and flowers. But there are others within the hydrangea family that attract too much attention and become a plant worth having in a garden and admiring when it is in its flowering season. These are the hydrangeas and today we will talk […]

When are hydrangeas pruned? | Gardening On

Hydrangeas are shrubs that can be grown in many parts of the world, since they grow just as well in warm temperate climates as they do in subtropics. In fact, as long as the temperature in winter drops below 10ºC and in summer it does not rise much more than 30ºC, you can do well […]

Outdoor potted palm tree care

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Darekk2 Palm trees are plants that can be grown in pots when they are young, and some also when they reach adulthood. When they begin to develop their true leaves, their beauty only increases as they grow new, which is why they are highly recommended plants to beautify a balcony […]

When and how to plant bamboo step by step

Bamboo is a type of plant that grows very fast. In fact, there are some species that if they have everything they need (sun, heat and humidity) can do so at a rate of one meter per year. But despite this, its cultivation in a garden is very interesting, especially if you want to give […]

Basil: characteristics and tips for harvesting it all year round

Is there anything more aromatic than basil? It is one of my favorite herbs not only for its pungent yet mild smell, but also for its flavor. And it is no wonder, it has an incredible utility for the kitchen that it is impossible not to consider it as another element to cook delicious dishes. […]

Discover characteristics and general data of the Eupatorium

Of the genus Eupatorium it is estimated that there are about 250 officially registered species. So how do you go about talking about all of them? This is not necessary, it is enough to focus on one main and the best known, Eupatorium perfoliata. This is how throughout this article we will be mentioning you […]

Viola riviniana: A very easy plant to care for and maintain

The Rivinian viola It is one of those plants that are suitable to have in pots, gardens and other natural spaces at home. Not only because of its great variety and the great medicinal utility it has, but also because it is a plant that is easy to maintain, care for, grow and more. Today […]

What are samaras and how are they sown?

Image – Wikimedia / Mine There are many types of fruits, depending on the plant in question and the evolutionary strategy it has followed. Thus, we know that there are some that can weigh several kilos, and others that are so light that they can be held with a single finger, such as samaras. The […]

Potted Holly Care | Gardening On

Holly is a tree that is widely used as an ornamental plant. Despite its thorns, its beauty and rusticity are astonishing. And it is that it grows slowly, but it can be kept as a hedge or isolated specimen in the garden, or even as a shrub or potted tree. For this reason, it turns […]

9 flowering plants for pots

There are many plants that produce flowers, but not all can be grown in containers. If you are looking for the most recommended ones, those that will grow wonderfully in a pot placed on the balcony, or on your terrace, you just have to take a look at the list of species that we will […]

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