7 indoor plants with white flower

Our indoor plants with white flower they are exceptional for several reasons. One of them is because of the color itself: white is one that transmits peace and tranquility, something that undoubtedly comes in handy to be able to start and end the day on the right foot. But in addition, the species to which they belong have a very high ornamental value, so it will be easy for us to have a very special home.

If we talk about its maintenance … here things can get a bit complicated, since there are many that, although they adapt well to living indoors, due to their origin it is necessary to ensure that the environmental humidity is high and, above all, to keep them from the Strong and / or constant air currents, such as those that come from the air conditioner when it is running for example. Let’s see which are the most interesting.


View of the Eucharis grandiflora

Image – Flickr / Scamperdale // Eucharis grandiflora

Eucharis, popularly called Amazon lilies, are perennial and bulbous herbaceous plants native to Central and South America. The leaves are green, 20 to 55 centimeters long by 10 to 20 centimeters wide.. It produces flowers similar to those of the narcissus, white and grouped in umbels in spring.


They require a light exposureand more or less frequent waterings but avoiding waterlogging. It is advisable to water 2-3 times a week in the growing and flowering season, and once a week the rest.


View of the Gardenia jasminoides

Image – Flickr / Kai Yan, Joseph Wong // Gardenia jasminoides var. fortunian

La Gardenia is an evergreen shrub native to China that reaches a height of about 2 meters (maximum 3). The most popular species is Gardenia jasminoides. They develop bright green leaves, and produce highly aromatic white flowers.


This is a plant that needs a lot of light, but not direct, as well as a substrate for acidophilic plants and irrigation water also somewhat acidic (pH between 4 and 6). Water it once or twice a week during the summer, and every 7-10 days the rest.

Jasminum polyanthum

View of Chinese Jasmine in bloom

Image – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Jasminum polyanthumknown as Chinese jasmine or winter jasmine, is an evergreen or deciduous climbing plant depending on the climate, which reaches a maximum height of 5 meters. The leaves are dark green, and it produces highly fragrant white panicle flowers in spring.


It must be put in a very bright placeand watered 2-3 times a week in summer, and every 6-8 days the rest of the year.


View of white orchid flower

Image – Wikimedia / PicTrans // Phalaenopsis aphrodite subsp. formosan

La Phalaenopsis, known as a butterfly orchid, is an epiphytic orchid native to Southeast Asia. It develops large, somewhat leathery, dark green leaves that sprout from very thin stems. The roots are silver, and they turn greenish in contact with water since they have chlorophyll, which means that they contribute to the photosynthesis of the plant. Its flowers are yellow, pink, red, or white, and they sprout in spring.


It must be placed in a bright room, and with high ambient humidity. In fact, if you have a toilet or a bathroom through which a lot of natural light enters, it will be perfect there; If not, you can put glasses of water around it or buy a humidifier. Water with distilled or rain water whenever you see white roots.


View of the flower of the Spatifilo

The Spathyphyllum, known as the peace flower, the wind sail, or the spatyphyllum, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Mexico, tropical America, Malaysia, and the western Pacific. It develops large leaves, 12 to 65 centimeters long by 3 to 4 centimeters wide, and dark green in color. The flowers arise from a spadix (a kind of spike) surrounded by a spathe (modified leaf) that protects it in spring and summer, and they are white, yellow or greenish in color.


It is a plant that must be in a bright roomand receive about 2 irrigations per week in summer and less the rest of the year.

Stephanotis floribunda

View of the Stephanotis in bloom

Image – Flickr / Kai Yan, Joseph Wong

The Stephanotis floribundaknown as Madagascar jasmine, stephanot, stephanot or stephanotis, is a climbing and evergreen herbaceous plant native to Madagascar. It can reach a height of up to 6 metersbut as it tolerates pruning well, its growth is well controlled. The leaves are green, leathery in texture, and its flowers, which appear in spring, are white, grouped in bunches and fragrant.


Place in a room with lightas far as possible from doors and windows to keep it protected from drafts. It has to be watered 2-3 times a week in summer, and every 5-7 days the rest of the year.

Zantedeschia ethiopica

View of the white flower of calla

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Salome Bielsa

The Zantedeschia ethiopicaKnown as calla lily, water lily, duck flower or jug ​​flower, it is a perennial rhizomatous herbaceous plant native to South Africa. Reaches a height of between 60 and 100 centimeterswith bright green sagittate and petiolate leaves. The flowers are grouped in inflorescences called spadices, they are bell-shaped, white and sprout in spring.


It is a plant that needs light to grow, as well as plenty of water

. That is why it should be put in a bright room, and watered frequently, preventing the substrate from drying out completely.

What do you think of these indoor plants with white flower? Do you know others?

7 indoor plants with white flower

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