Discover the secrets of succulent plants

Our succulent plants they are remarkably easy to grow and maintain, since they only need two things to look beautiful: a lot of sun and controlled watering in order to prevent the water from being stagnant.

There are many people who are attracted to these curious plants. In fact, it is very common that we start with one or two…, but we end up having a collection of more than 200 different copies. Let’s get to know some of its curiosities.

Crassula falcata

What is a succulent plant?

When we talk about succulent plants we refer to all those that have had to evolve to adapt to conditions where rainfall is very scarce.. Within this group are cacti and succulent plants. There is a tendency to think that cacti are those plants that have thorns, but it must be taken into account that there are succulents that protect themselves with this “weapon”, and that there are cacti that do not. Caudiciform plants are also usually included, which are those whose trunk has thickened due to the reserve of water that is inside.

Who pollinates your flowers?

The pollinators of these plants are very varied. In habitat this work falls mainly on bats, but in cultivation they have more fauna willing to pollinate their flowerssuch as bees, wasps, flies, among others.


Don’t they have leaves?

The leaves of succulent plants (cacti and succulents) have been adapting to be able to survive the extreme conditions that have affected them. Cactus spines actually they are modified leaves; on the other hand, the succulents have thickened their leaves in order to have as much water as possible inside.

Are they resistant to drought?

It is said a lot that they are resistant to drought, but the truth is that to “fill” the leaves or the trunk with water, needs to be watered like another plantespecially if they are young. It is very necessary to take this into account, since it is often thought that the cactus or crass will withstand long periods without water, and when we return from vacation we find that they have dried up.

Did you know these secrets of succulents?

Discover the secrets of succulent plants

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