Heucheras are fantastic plantsideal for those somewhat shady corners of the garden that we do not use much. They also look great under the shade of the trees, in planters or in pots. Yes, indeed: you can plant them wherever you want! In addition, there are many species and many other cultivars, each more interesting. Some have red leaves, others are green, others are bicolor … and since they all need the same care and grow more or less at the same height, you can make spectacular compositions.

Would you like to know more about them? Do not hesitate, keep reading.


The heucheras are mainly native to South America. They are plants that grow in width, that is, covering small areas. They can grow to a height of approximately 40-50cm, but do not usually exceed 30cm. They can grow both in somewhat shady places and in sunny areas as long as they do not lack moisture. The flowers, which can be red or white depending on the variety, can be used as cut flowers.

They prefer temperate climates with well differentiated seasons, but will adapt well to warmer ones.


These plants are very decorative, so much so that they can be planted together with other perennial plants or together with other heucheras. Due to its rapid growth, in a short time it will have covered that area that you like so little.

For proper care and maintenance we must provide the following:

  • Occasional waterings, avoiding waterlogging. We will also avoid putting a plate under it if it is in a pot.
  • It is recommended to pay during the entire growth period, that is, from spring to autumn.
  • It can grow in all types of soils, but will do best in slightly acidic, fertile ones.
  • In very hot climates we will put it in semi-shade, since the sun could burn the leaves.

What did you think of the heucheras? You have someone?