Revealing the secrets of tropical trees

Tropical trees are a real wonder. They grow all over the equator, in warm regions where rain is abundant. There are many interesting species, but due to the time it is, how about we talk about the Tree of bread, or the Tree of sausages, among others? Well, maybe it’s too early to sit down to eat, but … while the time comes, discover with me the secrets of tropical trees.

Secrets that, surely, will not leave you indifferent.

Breadfruit tree

Artocarpus altilis

What you see here is known as Breadfruit tree. Its scientific name is Artocarpus altilisand is native to Indonesia, but is cultivated throughout the tropics. It is a fast-growing tree capable of reaching a height of approximately ten meters, and its leaves behave as evergreen or deciduous depending on the climate. By the way, Did you know that its fruit can weigh about 2kg? One would only be enough to serve several diners as dessert!

Rain tree

same summons

The Rain treewhose scientific name is same summonsis originally from Mexico and Brazil. Of majestic bearing, its glass is parasol, which undoubtedly must give a lot of shade, ideal for protection from the sun while reading a good book, seeing the landscape or enjoying a family picnic. It grows to a height of no more and no less than 20 meters. Of course, if you have a lot of space and want to enjoy a huge tree, this is a perfect candidate.

Sausage tree

african kigelia

And does this belong to a tree? Yes Yes. They are the fruits of, and never better said, Sausage tree. Its scientific name is african kigeliaand is originally from Senegal, a state that is located in the west of the African continent. With a height of about twelve meters, it is a tree of rather small dimensions. Although its fruits seem appetizing, the truth is that inside are the seeds. The Maasai Mara tribe They take advantage of the pulp of the same to ferment it and make beer.


Guaiacum officinale

And finally I show you to guayacanwhich is scientifically known as Guaiacum officinale. It grows to a height of ten meters, with a very leafy crown. It is the only tree that has what is known as Tree of Lifethat is to say: a natural resin that is extracted from wood and which has medicinal properties. Thanks to this quality, it is used to treat throat problems or even to deal with arthritis.

Did you know these trees? Which one did you like the most?

Revealing the secrets of tropical trees

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