Selection of shrubs for acid soils

If you have an acid soil, that is, with a pH between 4 and 6, there are many bushes that will give color to your beautiful garden. There are so many to choose from that we have made a selection for you, taking into account your growing requirements and the ease of finding them in nurseries and garden centers. So that it is easy for you to maintain them and you can, thus, enjoy their beauty.

In order not to extend further, let’s start the list. You are sure to love them.



Who does not know the Gardenia? This beautiful shrub with leaves of a bright green color and whose white flower gives off a very pleasant aroma, is a very popular plant when it comes to interior decoration in cold climates. But if your climate is warm you can have it in your garden without problems.

It is native to China, and can reach a height of approximately two meters. Of course, you can have something lower by pruning, something that will make grow more compactly.

Japanese maple

Maple palmate

The Japanese maples they are just fabulous. They have many admirers and it is not surprising, because their leaves are of extraordinary beauty, don’t you think? There are many varieties and hybrids, and it should be noted that some grow like trees. Fortunately, they recover very well from pruning, which means that we should not worry too much about the species we choose.

They are originally from the Asian continent. Unlike the Gardenia, they they need temperate-cold climates to be able to develop properly. In hot climates they have a hard time adapting.



The Pieris they are shrubs of small height ideal for forming low hedges delimiting areas and / or paths. It resists the cold very well, since its origin is very close to the arctic zone of the northern hemisphere. If your climate is somewhat warmer and you want to have it, you can, because it adapts very well to various climates (except tropical).

They have the extraordinary peculiarity that its new leaves are redone more detail to take into account if you want to give color to the garden.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons


Our azaleas and Rhododendrons they are shrubs widely used in acid soils. They are undoubtedly a more than interesting option due to the beauty of their flowers and their easy maintenance. With a height of no more than three meters, their growth can be controlled by pruning.

Originally from the Asian continent, they will show all their splendor in temperate-cold climates.

And so far the small selection. Which one did you like the most?

Selection of shrubs for acid soils

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