Natural flavorings for the home

Plants and flowers not only give beautiful colors so that we can enjoy a moment of rest with a magnificent background scenery but also dreamy aromas to feel renewed, fresh and vital.

If you have a garden at home, you can take advantage of it to get the best out of it not only by performing maintenance tasks but also by using the scents that plants give away to scent the house.

In search of the perfect scent

Imagine that you have ever walked into a perfume store and tried various fragrances until you lost your sense of smell. The nose is very particular and does not like excesses so when scenting the home you must take this into account.

It is not about adding aromas but about combining them in the best way. Take advantage of the most exuberant scents in your garden to highlight them independently, combine the softest ones to enhance aromas. There are counterpoints that always go well as a somewhat spicy aroma with another sweet but they are the exception. Perhaps the most successful thing is to add floral fragrances or enhance the sweets without excesses, bet on herbs and fruit aromas.

So that the natural aromas emanate in your home, do not forget to have flowers in each of the environments although, once again the secret is to avoid excesses.

Three ideas to scent your home

Aromatize with flowers

The simplest way to aromatize the home is to place vases in the environments and fill them with fresh flowers that will not only add tasty aromas but also colors. The vases with fresh flowers they never look bad and there is no better smell than fresh flowers. Place them in strategic places, such as the kitchen table, the bathroom, on the nightstands.

If you have some time you can create natural incense with herbs and flowers. The process is very simple because you only have to cut the most aromatic ones such as lavender or roses and then fasten them with a cotton bow and let the bunch dry in a dry place in the shade. Once dry you can place it in cabinets, shelves and other places.

Aromatize with flowers

And if you want to have a spray fragrance buy a bottle of distilled water and add some herbs and flowers (lavender, lemon, verbena, roses, balm, aloe veraetc). Let them settle and then spray the environments with a spray.

Natural flavorings for the home

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