The gorgeous Albizia julibrissin ‘Summer Chocolate’

The genus of the Albizia is one of those genera of trees or small trees that are characterized by their extraordinary beauty and elegance. Its thin trunks and bipinnate leaves, in addition to its rather fast growth and its resistance to weak frosts (down to -5º), make it an ideal option to decorate our gardens.

The Albizia julibrissin »Summer Chocolate» It is gaining more and more popularity, and it is that, who can resist this purple color that attracts so much attention?

Well, nobody, don’t you think? This little tree can grow to a height of ten meters, with a thin trunk, no more than 30cm thick. Its leaves, as previously mentioned, are bipinnate, and each leaflet is very small, less than a centimeter in length, which makes it have a almost feathery appearancevery elegant. Its leaves have a rather soft touch. It has no thorn. The stems are somewhat lighter purple than the leaves.

The trunk is woody, smooth, fragile when young. If there is a lot of wind, it is likely to twist easily, or even break. Therefore it will be highly recommended protect it from strong windsplacing it for example in a south orientation.


In the garden it will undoubtedly attract attention wherever it is. Can be used as isolated specimen, or in groups as you can see in the image above, or form it as bonsai.

Being a tree that over time will form a fairly wide crown, it is not very advisable to use it as a hedge, but rather as a »future shade tree».

In addition, we can enhance your beauty cplacing lively plants around the trunk.

Unlike other species of Albizia, this is undoubtedly the most expensive. And another drawback is that it is not easy to find. But once it is found … you fall in love.

More information – Exotic trees of Spain

Image – Thompson and Morgan, Seattle’s Garden

The gorgeous Albizia julibrissin ‘Summer Chocolate’

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