Influence of the moon on plants II


We have already seen the influence of the Moon phases in plants, but now we are going to analyze what to do in gardening according to the moon phase in which we are. Of course, the month also affects, depending on whether it is hot or not.

New Moon: When we are in this lunar phase, pruning can be done, remove weeds and drier leaves from plants, plow the land and to sow grass, lawns and round-leaved trees. Also fruit trees such as lemon or grape. This can be done because the growth of plants with this moon is very slow.

Crescent moon: It is good to plant plants on the crescent moon, as it is when the plants have more water and make the soil in ideal conditions to germinate the seeds. It is also good to do grafting, layering, transplanting and any other type of vegetative propagation.

Full moon: With the full moon, practically the same things are done as with the crescent moon, although not grafts, since the plant is full of water and sap at the moment and we could dehydrate the plant. It is good to fertilize and gather fruit with this moon. Indoor plants are also transplanted.

Waning moon: On these days, pruning can be done, just like on a new moon. During the time that the moon is waning, transplants can be carried out, since the moonlight is beginning to hide and the plants are said to be at their maximum rest. The withered leaves should also be removed and the plants watered in the pot and not in the dish.

Plants need basic care, but not only watering, fertilizing or regulating sunlight, but it is also necessary to know when to care for the plant so that the plant will live for many years.

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Influence of the moon on plants II

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