Plants that support the lack of light

We know that plants need light in order to survive. However, there are some that are very resistant and tough, so the lack of sunlightit does not end them. Some of these plants are the Sanseviera, the Potos, the Fitonia and the Fern. The Sansevieria It is an indoor plant that withstands any type of […]

Influence of the moon on plants II

We have already seen the influence of the Moon phases in plants, but now we are going to analyze what to do in gardening according to the moon phase in which we are. Of course, the month also affects, depending on whether it is hot or not. New Moon: When we are in this lunar […]

Collect flower seeds | Gardening On

We have bought plants from season but we know that when winter comes they will no longer be there. When this happens, we have two options, let them lose and have to buy seeds again the following summer or collect the seeds of the plants that we have. The second option seems more viable, therefore, […]

Oleander, summer shrub | Gardening On

La Oleander It is a shrub that can measure five meters in height and that maintains a green color in its leaves throughout the year. Are leaves they appear opposite each other along branches that end with flowers. Our flowers They appear in summer and can be white or pink in different shades. They are […]

Collect flower seeds II | Gardening On

To get seeds of plants, we will generally have to look for them in the flowers of this. Sometimes the seeds appear when the dried flowers themselves fall, and other times, we will find them in the flower calyx or in the fruit pod. The Marigold It is a plant that produces abundant flowers. When […]

The world of Begonias | Gardening On

Among indoor plants, the Begonias. This genus encompass a large number of plantsall of them beautiful and different. Most of them produce flowers, being these, normally, small. Surely in every home there is at least one Begoniasince they are very simple plants to care for, which stand out for their long duration and the beauty […]

Care and needs of the Salon Palm Tree

The Chamaedorea elegansbetter known as Living room palm tree, It is a palm tree that is widely used both in interior, as to decorate patios or even some corner of the garden. Let’s learn more about this plant. First of all you have to know that in the same pot, there are usually about twenty […]

Tips and recommendations for caring for a young tree

After getting the seeds to germinate, we sometimes have the question: “What now?”, Or “How do you take care of a young tree?”, Or “Is it difficult to maintain it?” With this article I will try to solve them. I have been planting and caring for very young trees for several years, and if there […]

Information and care of the coconut tree

The Cocoa nutsbetter known as Coconut treeis perhaps one of the most popular palm trees and known all over the world. Its elegant bearing and its long leaves transport us to the magnificent tropical beaches. In addition, with the fruit, the coconut, various edible products are made (coconut milk, cakes, …). When spring comes in […]

Propagation of carnivorous plants | Gardening On

The seeds of carnivorous plants are characterized above all by being very small. Those of the Droseras genus, for example, are not much larger than the point of a pin. You have to be very careful to prevent the air from taking them away. It is curious that from such a tiny seed, a plant […]

Tips for planting a hazelnut

If you have a garden with some space and you want to plant a fruit tree, you can think of a hazela wonderful specimen that will give you shade during the summer season while it does not grow more than 6 meters, making it ideal for gardens that are not too extensive. Do you want […]

What methods of tree reproduction are there?

In nature, trees reproduce most of the time by seedssome by cuttings (branches broken by a gale, for example, which have fallen to the ground). However, over many years we humans have not only perfected the method of planting trees, but also through cause and error, we have realized that they can also reproduce in […]

How to prevent fungus in seeds and seedlings?

Often when it comes to wanting reproduce plants The question arises: how to prevent fungi? Fungi act fast, and when the first filaments appear on the surface of the substrate, their eradication is very difficult. However, its prevention is simple. This article is intended to be a guide to get healthy and strong plants. The first […]

Getting to know the Bougainvillea, a spectacular flowering plant

The Bougainvilleaor better known as BuganvillaIt is an ideal climbing shrub to provide shade. It is very popular due to its spectacular flowering, which can last all year in warm climates. Let’s know more about her. Bougainvillea is a plant that is very easy to grow. Its resistance to frost, and its flowers, which can […]

Information on the cultivation and care of Ficus

The Rubber plant are very popular plants like inside plants, or even in gardens in the form of hedges, as isolated specimens or even as bonsai. There are numerous varieties, and all of them have very decorative leaves. In addition, the fruit, the fig, is edible for many species, including humans. Let’s know something more […]

The grip of the climbers

Our creepers They are a highly chosen species by people who have large walls in their homes that they want to cover. The results are fantastic because thanks to the way in which this plant grows it allows to transform the atmosphere of the place. The climber grows upwards because look for natural light. In […]

Information on the cultivation and care of the Bat Flower

It is increasingly common to find this peculiar plant in nurseries and garden centers, as well as houseplant in cold climates, or as a plant for patios and gardens in hot climates. The notch chantieribetter known as Bat flower, It leaves no one indifferent due to its strange inflorescence, which is very reminiscent of a […]

Information on the different types of sowing

The seeds can be sown in several different ways, depending on the species, the type of seed, the desired earliness, etc. To guarantee success, basic rules must be taken into account: the seeds have sufficient nutritional reserves for a certain time, and if they are sown too deep, or we wait a long time to […]

Cultivation and care of Kangaroo Paws

The genus Anigozanthos, better known by the common name »Kangaroo legs»By the shape of their flowers, is originally from Australia. It comprises about 70 species, of which the best known are the Anigozanthos manglesii and Anigozanthos flavidus. They are shrubs of about a meter in height that require little care to keep in good condition. […]

Cultivation and care of Ficus ginseng

The Ficus ginseng It is a tree that, following some practical advice, we can have for many years. Belonging to the great family of the Rubber plant, this makes it an easy tree to maintain. The first thing to know is that the Ficus ginseng it’s really a Ficus microcarp. It began to be marketed […]

Plant a water lily in your garden

If you want to have a water gardenyou can know some secrets of these plants that are very particular due to the environment in which they live. Today we will dedicate ourselves to Lilysome difficult to grow specimens that hold some secrets. If you want to have them in your green space, you can place […]

How to get plants without spending a lot?

Nowadays, especially due to the economic crisis, those of us who like plants look for various ways to acquire them without costing us much. In this article we will talk about how to get plants at a great price, or even free. There are three options: dividing some of our plants, which is known as […]

Symbiotic relationships between carnivores and other animals

Normally when we talk about carnivorous plants We come to the image of a plant that needs to hunt insects to survive in a land with hardly any nutrients. However, in the tropical forests of the world, there are some that have a different behavior than usual with what should be their prey. One of […]

Three ways to multiply succulent plants

Our succulents They are in fashion and that is why today we will dedicate ourselves to them. For those who do not know them, these are those plants with thick stems and leaves that store water to adapt to long periods of drought or arid environments. Both the stem, the leaves and the root are […]

Garden trees with beautiful autumnal coloring

With the arrival of autumn, the trees begin to change the color of their leaves. Some dress in Red, others in yellow, giving a different touch to the place where they are. This time we will see three trees with spectacular autumnal coloration, easy to maintain, which will brighten our eyes with their magnificent autumnal […]

Information on trees and shrubs suitable for terraces

On many occasions we find that we cannot have a garden, and that we have to settle for a balcony, patio or terrace where we can place our plants. We tend to think that trees and shrubs are plants of grounds, but not from pots. Well, that is not entirely true, as there are many […]

Information on Welwitschia mirabilis: a resistant plant

In the arid climate of Namibia on the African continent, we can find a plant that may not have a very high ornamental value, but it is incredibly resistant. This is the Welwitschia mirabilis. Let’s know something more about her. Its habitat is in Namibia and southern Angola. The climate is very dry, so much […]

Palm Tree Information for Cold Climates

Within the genre of palm trees We find several species that can withstand very cold winters, where the temperature drops to 23 degrees below zero. On this occasion, we are going to talk about some of them. All suitable for a wide range of climates: from tropical to continental. We start this list with what, until […]

Planting a lemon tree at home

My father in law has a nice lemon Tree in your garden that you can enjoy from the kitchen window. During the season, it gives away magnificent fruits that we enjoy in lemonades, with meats or in marinades. The fruit trees They are always a good option to have in the garden not only because […]

Growing and caring for the Giant Sequoia

In North America there is one of the greater conifers that inhabit planet Earth: the Giant sequoiawhose scientific name is Giant sequoiadendron. It can reach such a high height, and a trunk thickness so wide, that in some places a kind of bridge has been made so that people could pass. Sequoia is very slow […]

Very dangerous plants and trees

Dangerous plantswhich can kill. Killer trees that must be taken into account when planting new species. Many specimens can be as beautiful as they are dangerous and this is how they become a death trap for those who handle them. A great example is the Douglasi hemlocki, a plant that grows in the United States […]

The cultivation and care of variegated plants

Plants with variegated leaves attract a lot of attention for their high ornamental value. The care that variegated plants need is somewhat different from those with green leaves, since by not having chlorophyll on the entire surface of the leaf, the work of breathing is a little more complicated. New cultivars, most of them man-made, […]

The flowers appeared earlier than previously thought

A recent study has shown that plants with flowers they appeared much earlier than previously believed. Its appearance is situated in the Triassic, more than 250 million years ago. This is an astonishing discovery, as flowering plants have been shown to appear 100 million years earlier than previously believed. Flowering plants evolved from the plants we […]

Types of begonia | Gardening On

Our shade plants They have the virtue that they do not need to be exposed to the sun’s rays for their growth. They are ideal for dark gardens and terraces or for shady corners. Our begonias They are ideal plants to have in these cases because although there are many varieties, they all share a […]

Plants to have in a shady garden

Given the architecture of large cities, it is increasingly difficult to have a garden or balcony with natural light for most of the day. The construction of new buildings and towers reduces the aerial areas and these concrete giants block the sunlight. Therefore, today we will dedicate ourselves to plants that don’t need sun to […]

The strawberry tree, an ideal shrub to have in the garden

The tea It is an ideal plant for those who want the garden to become greener. Is that it is a bush It reaches a considerable size and that is how, thanks to its intense foliage, it covers the ground without great difficulties, also giving away beautiful white flowers in autumn. So if you are […]

Growing and caring for Plectranthus caninus, it smells like lemon!

Today we introduce you to Plectranthus caninusa small plant with a delicious lemon scent It is used to decorate many parts of the garden and, furthermore, it is an excellent pot plant, since its growth is easily controllable, and its reproduction is very simple. It is undoubtedly an excellent option for those looking for low […]

The care that the carob tree needs in the garden

The Carob treewhose scientific name is Ceratonia silica, it is an amazing tree. Resistant to drought already numerous pests, and very grateful. Originally from the Mediterranean, it is a tree that will not cause any problems in the garden. Let’s get to know it. The carob is a small tree that is much wider than […]

Malvones for sunny gardens | Gardening On

A few days ago I visited a nursery near my house and came back with a mallow in my hands. The reasons for the choice were quite practical: I was looking for a plant that could withstand full sun, as well as withstand the wind and high summer temperatures. Better still if it also gave […]

Tips on how to plant a coconut tree in a pot

El Coconut tree, whose scientific name is Cocos nucifera, is a palm tree of tropical origin, very abundant in beaches and gardens that enjoy a warm climate all year round. Its slender, slender trunk and its long, elegant pinnate leaves, make her without a doubt one of the Queens of the Palms. In addition, its […]

Succulent plants that bloom in autumn: the Echeveria

Although the cold will soon arrive in the northern hemisphere, there are still some how many weeks of sun in many places and that is well known by our protagonists of today, the echeveria. A genus of plants crass (that is, they store water in their leaves, thus making them fleshy) very grateful, very fast […]

Rare trees of Spain | Gardening On

Birch, olive or poplar are some of the trees most common in Spain but there are other species that attract attention for their exoticism. Are the rarest trees in Spaina set made up of a few thousand species that the organization Bosques Sin Fronteras compiled after six years of work in situ. It would be […]

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