Tips on how to plant a coconut tree in a pot

El Coconut tree, whose scientific name is Cocos nucifera, is a palm tree of tropical origin, very abundant in beaches and gardens that enjoy a warm climate all year round. Its slender, slender trunk and its long, elegant pinnate leaves, make her without a doubt one of the Queens of the Palms.

In addition, its fruit, the coconut, it tastes delicious. Who wouldn’t want to have one in their home? This time we will deal with the issue of how to have a beautiful coconut tree in a pot.

Preparing materials for planting

The flower pot

Flower pot

In the market there are many varieties and types of flowerpot: plastic, clay, … To plant our coconut tree, the clay ones are more recommended, since in summer the water will not evaporate so quickly, thus achieving that we do not have to water so often.

It is important that it is larger than the one you already had before, leaving about three centimeters on each side.

If we live in a very hot and dry area, it is also advisable to place a plate under it. But be careful, since it is a palm tree that fear waterlogging.

Clay pellets


They are some balls that will be placed inside the pot to help drain quickly. It will be enough to add a layer.



It is a fabulous drainage material, which does its job very well. So much so, that we must use the ideal percentage, since if we put too much, the substrate will dry very quickly.

Black peat

Black peat

Essential. It will give your coconut tree a base by which to develop a healthy root system and feed itself. In nurseries and garden centers they are beginning to sell bags of peat with added worm castingssomething that your palm tree will love.

Proceeding to the plantation

  1. The first thing to do is place a layer of clay balls inside the pot.
  2. We mix the black peat with the perlite, half and half.
  3. We fill the pot a little with the mixture.
  4. We carefully remove the coconut tree from its old pot, and put it in the new one.
  5. We finished filling our new palm tree ‘house’ with the peat and perlite mixture, exposing the coconut.
  6. We water abundantly.

And finally, we will place it in a place where, at least for 15 days, do not receive direct light, as the leaves could burn. After this time, we will expose it to more and more direct light.

As it is a fairly fast growing palm tree, you may need a new pot after two years or less. You will know if you see roots growing out of the drainage holes.

Clever. You already have your coconut tree in a pot. If you want to know how to take care of it, click here:

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Image – Fantasy Miguel, Orchard Planet, garden, Alibaba

Tips on how to plant a coconut tree in a pot

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