Difference between perennial and perennial plants


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a vivacious plant and a perennial? Today we are going to respond to this concern.

The main difference between a perennial plant and a perennial is that the vivacious one withers in winter but in the spring, it sprouts again. On the other hand, the perennial plant maintains its intact foliage throughout the year.

But let’s see more similarities and differences between each one.

During the winter, the stems and leaves of perennial plants dry out. But these plants do not die but their roots are still alive underground and when spring arrives, the species sprouts again. In some cases, the plant does not disappear completely, but a rosette of leaves may remain attached to the ground. Examples of species that have this behavior are the Yarrow and the Gaillardia. Among those that completely disappear we find the Peonythe Astilde, the Helianthus and the Delphinium. Bulbous plants, such as the Tulip, the Narcissus and the Hyacinth also have this behavior but are studied as a separate group.

In the case of perennials, their stems and leaves do not disappear during the winter, but remain the same as in the warm months, that is, they retain all their foliage. Within this classification are among other species the summer hydrangea, lavender, Geraniumsthe Carnation and the Cineraria.

It should be clarified that although we are talking about plants and shrubs, there are also many trees that are evergreen.

The common feature of these two groups of plants is that both can live for more than 2 years and that last from one year to the next and they do not die with the arrival of winter like seasonal plants or also called annuals.

Taking into account these similarities and differences, you can choose the most suitable plant option for your own garden design.

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Difference between perennial and perennial plants

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