How to repel pests and insects from plants


A good help for control pests and parasites that may affect the plants in our garden is to use aromatic herbs.

It is a ecological tool It does not pollute and that although it is not 100 percent effective, it is a great help to ward off unwanted intruders in our plants and will also provide a rich aroma to the garden.

We tell you which varieties of aromatic herbs are the most effective for the most common pests:

Aphids: Honeysuckle, lupine, foxglove and nettle are effective and also act as repellants. They should be planted near species sensitive to this pest, such as rose bushes.

White fly: In addition to aromatic ones like rosemary, basil, or lavenderYou can also plant Chinese carnations, marigolds or ornamental tobacco as natural repellants against this pest.

– All terrain protectors: Aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary, sage or ruehave an important protective effect against pests. Mint, basil, tarragon and thyme also have the same effect. Plant some of these aromatic species interspersed with the garden crops.

– Mosquitoes: To eliminate annoying mosquitoes from the garden during the summer, you can plant basil or sweet jasmine on terraces and balconies.

Moscow: Rosemary, in addition to its antiseptic properties, keeps Chrysomela away from beans and carrot flies.

White butterfly: Thyme keeps the pieris or white butterfly away from the cabbage.

There are also other types of plants that have a repellent effect against garden pests:

– Nasturtiums can keep various insects – such as whiteflies and aphids – away from nearby plants.

– Tansy can be planted between crops to prevent damage from Gray Worms.

– Pyrethrum, which is used in many insecticides, is a species that once planted naturally removes the white butterfly from cabbage and aphids.

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How to repel pests and insects from plants

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