In the previous post, we started teaching you the proper way to plant your palm tree. Pay close attention to the following steps that you must take so that the palm tree grows strong and its roots grip perfectly the new place where you planted it.

Once you have removed the soil from the hole and mixed it with the organic compost, it is important that you take into account that the amount of organic compost you use is between two and three kilos of manure or peat, mixed very well with the soil from the hole. If you notice that the soil is very poor or clayey, or very sandy, it is important that you increase the dose of manure to 3 or 4 kilos.

When sowing It is better to use this type of organic fertilizer instead of a mineral or chemical fertilizer, since what you need at that moment is to improve the soil that surrounds the roots so that the plant emits abundant rootlets and the palm tree takes hold and establishes itself better in this new site.

After, you can introduce the specimen into the holetrying to add the fertilized soil little by little and settling it gently with the foot so that air pockets do not form between the roots and the soil. Do not worry that the neck of the plant is buried, the palm trees, unlike the trees, support the earth in their neck.

I recommend that you form a kind of well around your plant, so that during the first year, the irrigation water is contained there, and the roots absorb this irrigation water little by little.

If you want your palm to grow faster, I recommend that you fertilize the soil much more and water regularly, avoiding waterlogging.