The african violet (Saintpaulia) is the most cultivated indoor plant in the world, and it is not surprising, since it adapts almost without difficulty to the conditions of our homes. It is also easy to produce, therefore easy to find.

In spite of everything, the African violet is not exactly a plant for beginners since it has its peculiarities and, if the care is not adequate, we can be disappointed. However, knowing its needs and providing it with the right conditions, it can flower for 10 months a year (even some varieties are always in flower).

The first thing we should know about this plant is that it needs a lot of lightbut flee from the intense sun of midsummer. During the summer we can keep it in a window oriented to the north and, during the winter, to the south.

African violet

They are irrigation It is simple, it will be enough to water it with warm water when the soil is dry to the touch. Try not to pour water on its leaves because it can cause staining. It is important that it has a humid environment (you can use a humidifier when you see it necessary) and a slightly warm temperature should be maintained (more than 15Cº).

Multiplying the African violet is very simple: You will have to cut the stem of the leaf at a 45º angle and sow it in a humid soil. When the small leaves appear (usually there are many) you can separate them and plant small individual pots. From blade cut to next flowering it may take about 6-7 months.