How to take care of the coves

Do you like white flowers? The ones that I am going to present to you below are fantastic. They are used both to have the garden, as in pots … and also as cut flowers. They are usually very present in bridal bouquets, due to their extraordinary beauty.

Read on to know how to take care of the coves.

Calla lilies in bloom

The coves, whose scientific name is Zantedeschia ethiopicaare beautiful plants native to South Africa, specifically the Cape region. To have them in perfect condition, you must always maintain a high degree of humiditysince they live near swamps and streams. Thus, whether you choose to have them in a pot or decorating your wonderful garden, you should water it often.

Your ideal location will be in the outside shaded or partial shadesince otherwise its leaves could be damaged by direct exposure to the sun. Although of course they can also be kept indoors in a room with lots of natural light, but away from the windows as the so-called magnifying glass effectwhich would burn the leaves.

Cala Flower

The coves can bear up to 3 degrees below zerobut if the winter is colder in your area, you can protect them with a greenhouse plastic and / or thermal blanket, or put them at home before the first frosts appear. It is normal that in these situations it ends up losing the aerial part, that is, the leaves, but with the arrival of good weather it will sprout again.

As a substrate you can use universal garden soil, adding a layer of clay balls or volcanic clay inside the pot or planting hole. You can take advantage of it to pay it by adding a little earthworm humus o manure. You will see how beautiful you are in no time!

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How to take care of the coves

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