Do you like red flowers? And without also big? Having something like this in the garden is wonderful, since the color red is a color that draws a lot of attention to humans. And it is so beautiful …, above all, when combined with healthy green leaves of a plant that is very easy to care for.

If you still don’t know the he testifiedyou can not stop reading his file. You will surely love it .

What are their characteristics?

La vallota, whose scientific name is Cyrtanthus raised (before a beautiful valley), is a bulbous plant native to the south of the African continent. Its leaves are lanceolate and wide, about 70 x 2-3cm, with a simple edge and a beautiful dark green color. Towards midsummer red, orange or yellow flowers bloom composed of six petals.

Its beauty is such that it can be used to decorate any corner: whether in a pot or in the garden, its flowers will brighten up the second half of the summer season before autumn returns.

How do you take care of yourself?

If you want to get a copy, we recommend providing the following care:

  • Location: outdoors, in full sun or in semi-shade.
  • Earth:
    • Pot: universal growing medium (you can buy it here) mixed with 30% perlite (you can get it here).
    • Garden: it is not very demanding, but it is important that it has good drainage.
  • Irrigation: moderate. Every 2-3 days in summer, and less the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: in spring and summer with a specific fertilizer for bulbous plants (like this one that you can buy here), following the instructions specified on the product’s packaging.
  • Plantation: the bulb is planted in late spring.
  • Multiplication: by bulbs in spring.
  • Rusticity: it does not resist frost. The minimum temperature must be 10ºC or higher. If you live in an area with cold winters, you must protect yourself indoors in a cool and dry place.

Did you know the vallota?