Is the meaning of white roses

Rose bushes are extraordinary plants, whose ornamental value is undeniable. Its beautiful and elegant flowers, which appear throughout the spring and summer, and can even sprout in autumn, brighten up the terrace and the gardens as few shrubs know how to do.

Now, it is important that we choose the color of the petals well since, depending on what it is, we will be transmitting a certain message. This time we will find out what is the meaning of white roses.

What meaning do white roses have?

What meaning do white roses have?

The white forever It has been related to purity, to the innocence of each one of us. Thus, if you give white roses to a loved one, you are telling them that you want to have a strong and pure relationship.

If we are talking about love as a couple, with these flowers you will be transmitting a message that you will surely not be able to ignore, which is to want to strengthen love, thus making it last forever. And it is that white roses are the protagonists of weddings, to the point of finding them in bouquets, as well as in decoration.

But they are also a great option to give to sick people, or to those who have passed away. In the first case, surely with them you will make her happy the days that she has to stay in bed, because with them you will be telling her that you are going to take care of her; and in the second case, they are a way of showing respect and condolences, while remembering all the good times that were spent with her.

White roses are highly recommended plants to decorate any event, and also the home. You can even combine roses of different colors, either in a vase like cut flowers or in a planter, to convey a very positive message to visitors.

Another of the meanings of white flowers has to do with children. More specifically with the little ones. In fact, they are one of the flowers chosen when a child dies, because that white represents sweetness and innocence of that soul that has been lost and is remembered in that way, hence the coffins are also usually blank, to represent that little life that has not been able to mature.

Of course, there is a meaning, or rather, a use that we have almost passed over: that of weddings. If you notice, a few years ago the bouquets of brides should be white because it was understood that the bride was going to marry a virgin, and those white flowers signified the purity and virginity of the woman.

Now it is in disuse, and the bouquets are taking colors or making white not the predominant color compared to others, such as pale pink, yellow, etc. Even so, there are still many who prefer the classic, at least in this detail.

The same can be said for baptisms and communions, where children continue to wear white and wear those white flowers.

The white roses themselves They can be a symbol of wanting to apologize to another person, or of respect for that person. As well as giving your condolences.

What is the spiritual meaning of the white rose?

What is the spiritual meaning of the white rose?

If we stick only to the spiritual meaning of white roses, then we have to talk about serenity, tranquility and innocence. It is also associated with good health, which is why, by giving it to elderly or sick people, you send a message of improvement.

Spiritually, another of the meanings is that of fidelity, being loyal to the people around us.

How are white rose bushes cared for?

White roses are one of the most appreciated flowers, not only for their meaning, but also for that elegance and those pure petals that it has. But To get a rose bush that produces immaculate white flowers, it is necessary to take into account a series of cares.


This rose cannot be in just any location; you need a suitable area, where you can receive, at least 6 hours or more of sunlight. Roses are very “friendly” to the sun and the more you can give the better. Of course, be careful with the summer if you live in a very hot area.

In addition, you should protect it from frost. Although rose bushes are generally very hardy, low temperatures can damage your health and make you sick easily, losing you forever.

Suitable land

The white rose bushes it needs a very fertile land, but at the same time it is draining. Why do you need it like this? On the one hand, because it needs many nutrients to feed you and to flourish, otherwise the flowers it takes will look very off white. And, on the other hand, because it does not support water stagnation, that is why it is necessary to provide it with a very drained soil so that water does not accumulate and can damage its roots.

You also have to take into account that they need their own space. When planting rose bushes you have to place them at a distance from each other. And the hole you plant it in must be at least half a meter deep. Bet on spring or autumn to plant white rose bushes, they are the two ideal times for this activity.


Irrigation is a fundamental part of white rose bushes. And is that white roses need 18ml of water per plant once a week in spring. In summer the water consumption is increased, at least twice, dispersed twice a week (but if you live in a very hot area you might need 3-4 times).

And in winter? You can reduce the watering or the frequency.

It is not advisable to water by pouring water on the leaves, and less on the flowers, because that will only create humidity and, with it, make them prone to diseases such as fungi, black spot, etc.

Black spot on the rosebush
Is the meaning of white roses

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